Outline and critique T. H. Marshall’s theory of citizenship

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You must submit this assignment to pass the module.

You must write to the word limit.

Select one of the following titles.  Then make sure you read the assignment guidelines that follow before starting work on your assignment.

Essay Titles

  1. Outline and critique T. H. Marshall’s theory of citizenship.
  1. ‘Political approaches to citizenship continue to develop, reflecting different attitudes to the relationship between the individual and the state.’ Discuss this statement with reference to at least one of the following: 

New Right, New Labour, the Conservatives under Cameron and May.

  1. How does the concept of citizenship facilitate our understanding of the experiences of one of the following? Women, disabled people, immigrants/asylum seekers, socio-economic status (class).
  1. Discuss the way in which citizenship transcends national borders, and what are the implications of this for the rights of individuals?

Assignment Guidelines – please read these before starting your assignment

You must write to the word length, and provide a word count at the end of your work before the list of references. The word count excludes the list of references but includes all referencing within the assignment. There is no 10% discretion on the word length, so make sure you stick to the word limit.   Very short assignments are likely to fail. Where essays are over-length, only the part of the assignment that fits within the word limit will be marked.  You run the risk of losing marks/failing if an assignment is either under or over-length.  

Assignments must be submitted electronically on time, and the list of references has to be included with your final piece of work.  A list of references cannot be accepted separately.  Please ensure that you do not leave submitting your work until the last minute in case there are problems with the system.  If you do experience these, then please phone the IT helpline as academic staff cannot help you resolve these problems. 

You must use the assignment titles you have been given, and cannot make up your own title.  All assignments must have the full essay title on top of the first page, together with your student number.  Your name should not be shown on your work, as assignments are marked anonymously. 

Assignments must be written according to academic criteria.  This means that essays should be written objectively, and based on presenting arguments and evidence supported by references within the essay.  Please omit the use of ‘I’ from your work, and avoid personal opinion and feelings.  All work must be referenced appropriately and consistently using the University Referencing Guide, or work will be failed.  A full list of references - set out correctly in alphabetical order, with complete details of sources used - should be submitted with each piece of work, or you will fail.  The references used in the essay and shown in the list of references must match exactly, or you will lose marks.  Sources you are citing from within a text cannot be in the list of references, and you must make it clear in the assignment that you are citing work from within a text.  For this assignment, you are expected to use at least four academic sources in addition to other sources.  This does not mean you should only use four sources altogether.  Work with no academic content will fail.  You are expected to read books, book chapters and journal articles for your work.  Many of these can be accessed electronically).  You should not submit work that depends heavily on web-sites or internet search engines.  You can use government web-sites, voluntary sector sites, international sites, research sites and media sites if appropriate, but these should supplement and not replace academic literature and evidence.  Do not cut and paste content from web-sites or other sources, as this is copying and will be identified as such on the system.  The use of Wikipedia, youtube, Ask Jeeves or other similar sites, or anonymous sites or blogs is not permitted. You are expected to show your knowledge and understanding of Social Policy, and that you have researched your area and have read relevant academic literature.   You need to read as widely as possible to achieve the best marks.  At this level of study, you are expected to engage in discussion and critical analysis of the topics that you are writing about

WARNING:  any student who uses only one or two references for this assignment runs the risk of failing their assignments.  Any student who only uses internet sources is likely to fail their assignments or gain a low mark.  Any student whose work has no academic input, and where no academic references are included, is runs the risk of failing their assignmentsAny work that is submitted that does not contain any referencing will fail

The use of plagiarism or unfair means is unacceptable.  Use the facility on Turnitin to check your work for copying – and allow enough time to do this.  The copying of anyone’s work – whether from texts, web-sites, or the work of other students can result in a fail.  DO NOT copy any of your previous assignments, or work being submitted at the same time on other modules, and this will show up on the system.  If you are-taking the module, you MUST submit a new assignment and CANNOT re-submit previous work or any part of it.  Copying is copying, even if you reference.  Be careful to attribute work correctly, and use inverted commas to show where you are quoting.   WARNING:  where plagiarism and/or copying or unfair means is a problem assignments can be failed, or if appropriate, students will be reported for plagiarism, so it is really important that you do make sure you are not doing any of this in your work. There are serious penalties for plagiarism/use of unfair  means.

A key skill to develop is being able to construct a discussion in your own words, using evidence, and referencing to support this.  You should be able to summarize the key ideas of authors in your own words, and only use quotations when you cannot do so, or when someone has thought of a key term, or where their ideas are so good, that you want to quote them.   Too much quotation means that we cannot assess your understanding and knowledge because not enough content will be in your own words.

Work should be presented in a logical and coherent manner, so take time to plan carefully, and make sure that different parts of your discussion are linked together.    A well-structured discussion will gain marks, but a disorderly and disjointed piece of writing can lose a lot of marks.  All essays need an introduction that states what the assignment is about, and sets out what will be in your essay, and considers the title.  It should not just repeat the title.   In your discussion, material should be well-organized and ideas presented clearly. A conclusion at the end should reflect back on the title, your discussion, and could refer to other points that you have not been able to cover in the essay.  It should not just repeat the contents of the essay.    In terms of writing style do not use ‘I’ or ‘in my opinion’, as it will lead you to make personal comments or observations, and as noted, academic essays should be objective.  [Only use ‘I’ etc. in written work when you have been told to do so, e.g. for reflective writing.]

It is important that you express ideas clearly, using correct language and grammar and appropriate punctuation. Sentences need to be constructed grammatically.  Work should not contain a lot of proof errors.   If basic writing skills have been identified as a problem on previous work, consider doing a Word scope course and/or seek support from Student Life.  Marks will be lost where there are problems with grammar and basic writing skills, so leave time, and take the time to check your work over carefully.   Student Support Plans are, of course, taken into account with regard to extra time, and where any problems with planning and writing assignments are indicated.



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