Person analysis OR Task analysis Research & findings - reason to validate data, two assessment method, who involved?

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Company background & Project objective

Hi there, The company URL : For the above mentioned order. Please work on : Shell Eastern Petroleum (P) Ltd Report Presentation : Introduction : Content/Cover Page Company background & Project objective Analysis : Organization analysis - Person analysis OR Task analysis Research & findings - reason to validate data, two assessment method, who involved? Interpretations - show figures & facts Level of Assessment Analysis Application of concepts Please include tables, charts, diagrams & illustrations Recommendation : Training issues Non training issues Proposed Training implementation and training read map Conclusion Appendices In-text Referencing & reference list Plagiarism not more than 15%.
Shell Eastern Petroleum (P) Ltd(Insert Name)(Institutional Affiliation) IntroductionShell Eastern Petroleum (Pte) Ltd. is based in Singapore and was founded in 1891. A network of service stations are operated in the country and the company operates as a subsidiary of the Royal Dutch Shell plc. Shell Singapore is among the largest foreign investors in Singapore employing over 2,600 employees. The first oil refinery was set up in Singapore in 1961 and this made the government to award Shell Singapore with “Pioneer Certificate No. 1”. Currently, the Bukom Refinery is considered as the largest oil refinery internationally in terms of crude distillation capacity. Over the years, Shell Singapore has evolved to become an important player in controlling the growth of oil and petrochemical industry in Singapore (Moody-Stuart, 1998). Shell was recognized for the several invaluable contributions to Singapore and it was awarded with the first “Distinguished Partner in Progress” on its centenary in 1991.In September 2000, the Singapore government awarded the company with the prestigious one-time Millennium Trade Award due to the major contributions Shell has made to the country`s international trade. In July 2006, the management of the company said that it will be proceeding with the development of the Shell Eastern Petrochemical Complex (SEPC). SEPC is composed of a modern world-scale ethylene cracker on Bukom Island, enhancement on the present Bukom Island, and a world-scale Mono-Ethylene Glycol (MEG) plant on Jurong Island (Cibin & Grant, 1996). The multi-billion investment is considered as the largest single investment by Shell in Singapore. This shows the commitment of the company and the confidence it has in the country. The management said that the project is currently underway and it is expected to be complete by 2009/2010. Activities in Singapore For shell`s businesses as a whole, Singapore has become a crucial hub due to the size of revenues raised in that country. The Bukom refinery in Singapore produces 500,000 barrels per day making it one of the largest oil refineries across the world in terms of crude distillation capacity. This implies that Singapore is an important center for supply and trading in the East for the company. Close to 90% of products produced by Bukom are exported to neighboring nations and beyond (Binnekamp, 2006). In the Asia Pacific Region, Shell is considered the largest petrochemical export and production center. Investment by the company in the petrochemical industry consist of two polyols plants, a joint venture styrene monomer and propylene oxide plants, and different other joint ventures. Moreover, SEPC is an integrated petrochemical and refinery project whose completion will make Shell the biggest single-branded retail networks in the country, offering customers a wide range of services and products. Shell is the largest supplier of marine bunker lubricants and fuels in Singapore, having barges that service th...

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