Pickwick cricket club SPSP049

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Learning Outcomes

Comment, critically, on work related practices and skills.

Demonstrate an ability to apply and evaluate skills and knowledge in professional practice situations.

IMPORTANT: All assignments should have on the front cover (available via Canvas):


ü             Registration Number (not your name!)

ü             Module code

ü             Word count

ü             Whether it’s a first submission or resubmission

ü             Assignment title ( i,e -Log Book)

ü             Name of Placement Organisation ( Example –Scottish Tennis )


EXAMPLES of what you did –a variety of experiences

Attend online meetings; Offer opinions

Problem solving; Meet partners

Phone calls/emails; Write a programme or a report

Research and investigative duties



Week 1 –what did you do? –

Week 2 –what did you do? –

Week 3 –what did you do? Etc


Online meetings –This is where I met the other staff and we introduced ourselves. I took notes and was also given the opportunity to describe the project I am working on

Meet partners-I was invited onto a meeting with representatives of the following organisations (Scottish Football, British Tennis, etc.)

Compile Data bases –I compiled and recorded information about the following organisations -these are some of the questions I asked…

Sports Development –I have been working on increasing the volume of participants in a number of projects that my placement agency has been working on (summer camps, school Programmes, charity funding)

APPENDIX –Do you have examples of work that you have completed? A website link to your project; a photograph; a leaflet;

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions