Planning for Health IT Initiatives

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Planning for Health IT Initiatives


 Search the Kaplan Library and online for articles and information on EHR Planning or

Transition to EHR and similar search words. A good website to visit would be or

search for Health Information Management organizations and search on the sites for helpful

related information.

 Review the IT Planning Objectives in Chapter 2 of your text

 Write an overview of the fictional hospital that you are going to work for in this Assignment

(how large, how many beds, what is the mission, what is your title, etc.). Be creative!

 Using both the online resources that you found and your text, create your plan

  1. Create a table that will be your initial high level plan for moving to an EHR at a

healthcare organization that is still using paper-based medical records

  1. Your table should indicate all of the tasks that you believe should be the first steps to

take before you actually decide what EHR software to use (that will be next week!).

  1. Your table should include notes about the task that you list. For instance, if one step

of your plan is to meet with the Board of Directors, what will be the purpose of the

meeting? What will you want to tell them? What questions will you ask them?

 Write about how you will assure that you will meet the IT Planning Objectives in your text and IT Initiatives

 Write about how you will be sure to link the IT initiatives that you just planned to the

organizational strategy that was developed by upper management and the governing board.


 At least one paragraph of organization overview and IT Initiatives

 A large planning table that includes task and details about each one. The goal should be to

include 10 or more tasks in your plan.

 At least one paragraph about meeting the IT Planning Objectives.

 At least two paragraphs about linking the IT plans with the organizational strategy and IT Initiatives

 In-text citations to support your thoughts in the written portion of the Assignment.

 A cover page and a reference page.

 Writing is in the students own voice and includes in-text citations to support the writing

 There are a minimum of three appropriate references (your text and two others), a reference

page, and a cover page.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions