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‘Do Not Go Gentle into That Good Night’ is a poem written by Dylan Thomas, a reputable poet in the early 1950s. In this poem Dylan tries to bring out the emotional feelings he has towards his father and goes on to suggest that his father should strive hard in beating death on his dying bed instead on just waiting for death to come and take him.

A trivial look into the poem shows that there is an unknown person been addressed in the first 5 stanzas but who we later come to know is the father to the writer. The writer tries to tell the person he is referring to, to go slow or gentle into a night even though old age has kicked in.

Into a deeper meaning of the poem, starting with stanza one, there is heavy use of symbolism. The use of goodnight, close of day and dying of the light symbolises death. An approach of stanza 2 also brings out the symbolism of death which is illustrated in line 4 by the words ‘dark is right’. The same stanza also addresses the term ‘word’ as used in line 5 ‘because their words had forked no lightning’ as actions depicted by the old men.

In stanza 4 line 1, the use of the words ‘wild men’ as a symbol to illustrate strong men who are capable of fighting challenges including death shows that the writer still insists that no man should pass on without struggling. The wild men also caught and sang the sun in flight. This is a symbolic meaning of how these men enjoyed their lives while still young but the flight of the sun which is their lifetime caught up with them. They are now headed for death which is symbolised by the words ‘blinding sight’ in the next stanza line 13.

Rhymes are also exhibited in these poems but are limited in number. In stanza 1, lines 2 and 3 have rhyming words age and rage. The rhyming scheme of the poem is irregular meaning it cannot be predicted by a reader. The kind of tone used by the writer fluctuates from been sorrowful at the beginning of the poem and ends up being fierce and commanding.

The first 5 stanzas portray sorrowfulness where the writer sympathises with his father but the last stanza he likes to command his father to man up and put on with the fight. He should not surrender no matter what.

As a conclusion I would say that the writer did bring out his personal emotions in the right way and in a well understood manner. Being brief and precise were the key elements in this poem.


‘The Road Not Taken’ is a poem by Robert Frost which was published in 1916. A literal explanation of the poem can be said to be the writer is somewhere in the woods taking a stroll where he suddenly meets with two roads. At that point he is unable to decide which road to take therefore he thinks deeply. He comes up with a conclusion of taking one road that seems much better because of its environmentally attractive nature. Unsatisfied by the road he has initially taken he reconsiders his decision and takes the other road which he finds also not interesting.

It is later on that he accepts his decision of sticking to the road he is in and his journey smoothens all the way.

A symbolic meaning of the poem

Line 1 states that there is spitting of a road in the forest. ‘Splitting of the road’ in this case symbolises choice making in our life. We are faced with decisions to make every day and this is basically life. In line 5 the writer the road bends further into the underground. This symbolises the future of individuals having made a given decision.

Line 6 ‘then took the other, as just as fair’ is a symbol indicating a sudden decision made so as to escape or mitigate against given problems one had put himself through. Line 13-15 ‘ Oh, I kept the first…’ is a symbolic meaning stating that once one gets to a certain point they can never be going back. Decisions once made are not taken back. One has to deal with the consequences.

Line 18-20 ‘Two roads diverged in a wood…’ symbolises accepting your decisions will be the key to your happiness in life. Either bad or good you have to live with them and know how to handle them in a manure manner.

The poem can be classified as a quintain meaning for every stanza there contains 5 lines and this go on all the way to the conclusion. The rhyme of the poem is predictable. The rhyme follows an ABAAB sequence qualifying this poem to have a regular rhyme scheme. The rhythm is also iambic meaning there is one unstressed syllable followed by a stressed syllable. Example two roadsdiverged in a yellow wood (bold letters are stressed)


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions