Prepare a briefing document for discussion at a meeting with the Head of EFM department and the finance director, which will be held to launch the service review. He has asked you to

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You are expected to produce a structured, referenced piece of work which demonstrates your knowledge and understanding, and a level of critical thinking that is appropriate to the level of the module. You should refer to the marking rubric at the end of this document, which outlines how marks will be allocated and indicates what students are expected to do to gain them.


You must answer ALL the questions in each Section that you are resitting:

  • If you are resitting Assignment 1, answer Section A.
  • If you are resitting Assignment 2, answer Section B.

If you are resitting Assignments 1 AND 2, answer Section A and Section B.



You are a facilities management (FM) consultant working in London and you have recently been appointed to work with the board of Egret Energy, a Dubai-based company looking to set up operations in the UK. Egret Energy is expanding rapidly in the increasingly lucrative international gas market. The company has just signed a three-year lease on newly refurbished premises in the City of London. This short-term deal (in keeping with current property market trends in London) is intended to provide flexibility as the company seeks to establish a leading-edge FM operation in line with its state-of-the-art corporate image.

Your first challenge is to advise the board on the appointment of a new Head of the Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) department, who will take over from the interim appointee recruited on a short-term contract to oversee the property acquisition. However, you are aware that the majority of the directors have limited experience of professional FM, which is still a relatively new concept in the United Arab Emirates. You understand from discussions with ex-patriate colleagues that the major focus for FM in the region tends to be on maintenance of built assets – as a strategy to protect the investments of developers and building owners. However, you feel that the discipline can deliver far more value to the business than this would suggest.

With this in mind, you decide that an initial workshop to start developing the vision for the FM service would be a vital first step for the board.


You are required to complete the following task for your resit.

Prepare a first draft of the detailed notes for your introductory presentation. You should also summarise the content in a maximum of 8 slides, containing no more than six bullet points per slide. In line with the needs of a senior-level audience, your draft should aim to:

  • position FM as a strategic function within the business;
  • analyse and justify the potential value of investing in a senior position, reporting directly to the board, to represent the EFM department;
  • illustrate and provide a rationale for the possible areas of responsibility and the key competences you would expect to find in the individual appointed.

(100 marks)



It is now four years since you first advised Egret Energy about its facilities management (FM) operations in London and the company has expanded significantly over that period. From an initial headquarters staff of 575, the company has grown through acquisition to over 2,500 staff and is now spread over three sites in the capital. A new three-year lease on the corporate headquarters was signed just over a year ago, and two other sites have been incorporated into the portfolio as part of the integration of Egret and another related business.

To date, individual FM services have been managed internally by a team reporting to the head of the estates and facilities management department. These are categorised as either ‘hard’ (fabric maintenance, M&E services, energy management/sustainability) or ‘soft’ (cleaning, catering/vending, security, reception/front of house, portering, mail).

Service delivery has been outsourced to a range of companies, mainly as annual single-service contracts, although a three-year cleaning and waste contract was let two years ago to a large multinational firm. A similar arrangement is now being considered for the catering operation, which includes staff restaurants in two of the locations with extended opening hours, vending across all sites and prestige corporate dining for clients and directors at the main headquarters. Up to this point, these operations have been run entirely in house, with directly employed catering staff, including a professional chef.

The debate about this proposed new contract has triggered a wider discussion about the service delivery model and whether it currently represents value for money for the growing business. The company is clearly operating in a highly profitable sector and prospects remain strong for continued future expansion. However, shareholders and City analysts are on the lookout for any potential threats to competitiveness, and the Board is keen to maintain the reputation of the company for lean, efficient operations in all areas. With that in mind, the Head of the Estates and Facilities Management (EFM) department has contacted you and has asked you to carry out a preliminary review of FM service delivery with your recommended alternative options.


You are required to complete the following task

Prepare a briefing document for discussion at a meeting with the Head of EFM department and the finance director, which will be held to launch the service review. He has asked you to:

  • outline the potential range of service delivery models for FM with an analysis of the opportunities and risks associated with each;

provide a more detailed analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats associated with moving to a Total Facilities Management (TFM) approach. This should take account of the need to manage the transition from the current operating model of the company to a completely new approach

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