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This assignment requires you to assess ethical business issues and challenges within the global business
environment linking to corporate social responsibility and professionalism, and to reflect on your learning
from the module and produce a CPD plan.
LO 1 Locate and evaluate resources relating to business codes of doing business in a moral and ethical
LO 2 Explore an aspect of professional practice in more depth;
LO 3 Reflect on your understanding of the core elements of operating in a professional way;
LO 4 Construct a CPD plan.
Part A – Report, 1,000 words
A detailed report that examines a contemporary ethical issue within the global business environment and
assess the likely impact of implementing a code of conduct and support from Governing Bodies.

Part B - CPD Plan, 500 Words

Attached as an appendix to the report, a reflective continuous development plan that identifies learning
from the module and how it will be implemented to aid in your studies and future career.
Part A – Report, 1000-word document
Choose one contemporary ethical challenge facing the global business environment today from the
module, and prepare a report that;
1. Introduces and defines the issue/challenge chosen (for example CSR, Corporate Governance,
Sustainability, Environment, Corruption, Human Rights, Working Conditions; give a definition and
examples of how the issue/challenge affects companies and how companies affect the issue both
positively and negatively e.g. what are companies doing to help eradicate the issue?, how are
companies adding to the problem?)

2. Explains the codes of conduct that can assist in resolving / addressing the issue
(using relevant Codes of Conduct from your research, explain what the Code suggests to do to
improve the situation for both a company, communities and individuals).

3. Discusses the support and guidance available from the relevant Professional Bodies (identify
which Professional Body Organisation(s) is best suited to aiding companies deal with the issue you
have chosen, and explain why they are the most suitable organisation, you will also need to explain
the support and advice that they offer organisations).

4. Concludes with an assessment of the likely impact both the support and codes of conduct
could have on the issue (identify the most likely positive and negative impacts that the Code of
Conduct and Professional Body support can have on the issue from the perspective of the
community and the company).
Part B – CPD Plan 500 Words (Appendices)
Upon completion of the report, complete the attached template for a CPD plan, ensuring that you give
details of what you have learnt from the module, how your learning will impact further studies and future
career, and create SMART objectives to action the learning that has taken place with regards to business

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions