Presentation on Artificial Intelligence

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Presentation on Artificial Intelligence (“Siri and OK Google”)

Please write one page description about a PowerPoint presentation about a current trend in Artificial Intelligence (AI) specifically (Voice recognition Systems “Siri and Ok Google”). The presentation will be only on one aspect of AI which is Voice recognition Systems. This paper should be a description of the research and what is going to be covered in the presentation. In this paper, you should mention that you are going to cover some areas that are going to be in the presentation which are: 1.How it was developed, which one (siri or ok google) was developed first, and who are the individual who created each one of them. 2.A description of how it works. (With details) 3.Importance or relevance of this technology for the good of society and potential negative impact. 4.Any ethical implications that may arise from the use or abuse of the new technology. *Please no research information (actual details) should be included in this paper. All the the content should be in your own words. You should develop a clear succinct description about what is going to be in the presentation. Thank you!

This paper is a summary to a presentation of two recent developments in Artificial intelligence field; (“Siri and OK Google”). The technologies have voice recognition capabilities that enable users to input texts while searching information from the internet. The presentation will covers development of these voice recognition systems to identify which of the two technologies preceded the other. The presentation will elaborate how these two technologies were developed, and further focus on individuals who developed them. Siri and OK Google” have had significant impacts on the smart technology industry, and these include their search capabilities and in response to voice queries. This shall be clearly illustrated in the presentation

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions