Press Release Paper

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Press Release Paper


Press Release Instructions


Read all instructions and grading rubric carefully before writing your Press Release. You are responsible for having read and understood these documents.


You are required to submit a short, 1-full page Press Release. The Press Release must be written in the format of the Model Press Release, which is provided to you to follow called “Model Press Release Example”. A title page needs to be included and no resources are required. I highly suggest picking a Presidential candidate, such as Hillary Clinton as your main topic for the Press Release. You will have to conduct some research on her to help with this assignment. Below is a website I think will help and guide you further on what a Press Release is and what it entails. I also recommend you research what (Political/Campaign) Press Release are.




It is CRUCIAL to write persuasively, and think critically and analytically. It is also CRUCIAL to think outside the box.


Remember, your Press Release MUST look like the example, which is provided to you as a guide. If it does not look anything like the example and/or what a Press Release is and should be, then revision is required.


“GRADING RUBRIC” will also be uploaded – Follow it!



















Press Release Name: Course: Date: Endorsements for Hillary Clinton have been running in since she last lost the election in 2008. At the moment, Clinton has managed to get endowmentsto the tune of 104 democrats, as she prepares to join the race in the 2016


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions