Professional Behaviours and Valuing People

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1.1 Appraise what it means to be a people professional.

3.1Explore how the role of a people professional is evolving and the implications this has for continuing professional development

1.2 Recognise how personal and ethical values can be applied in the context of people practice.

1.3 Consider the importance of people professionals contributing to discussions in an informed, clear and confident way to influence others.

1.4 Recognise when and how you would raise matters which conflict with ethical values or legislation.

2.1 Argue the human and business benefits of people feeling included, valued, and fairly treated at work linking to related theory.

2.2 Discuss strategies for designing and ensuring inclusive people practices.

2.3 Reflect on your own approach to working inclusively and building positive working relationships with others

3.2 Assess your strengths, weaknesses and development areas based on self-assessment and feedback from others

3.3 Formulate a range of formal and/or informal continuing professional development (CPD) activities to support your learning journey.

3.4 Reflect on the impact of your continuing professional development activities on own behaviour and performance.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions