Project and Contract Risk Management

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Assignment Task: 

All the expected learning outcomes will be assessed through the production of a written assignment counting for 70% of the final mark for the module. You are asked to critically analyse a project and will be required to assess and mitigate its risks according to project risk management tools and techniques as well as contract law maxims taught within the module.


Consider a project that has been proposed, planned or just recently started and for which you are able to obtain sufficient amount of information/data. First, identify and categorise any potential risks for the project using a range of available analytical tools. After assessing the identified inherent risks in more detail, determine and further elaborate on the most critical ones. Provide mitigation measures for these critical risks, relating them to the overall risk strategy you would envisage for the project. Finally, recommend how contractual terms and provisions may be utilised to judiciously allocate/mitigate these particular risks or other common risks arising in such a project. You should aim to allocate circa 1,000 words to the contract law considerations, with the size of other assignment parts left to your discretion given the emphasis you wish to put. Your standpoint should be balanced and analysis well-written, generously complemented with suitable references to the relevant, contemporary literature as well as referring to personal experiences, observations and insights where appropriate.

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