Project Charter- UDST health and fitness App

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Project purpose and Justification

  • To prevent diseases
  • To increase people’s interest in fitness
  • To make people strong mentally and physically
  • Increase the engagement of people and make them more interactive
  • To provide ease to audience to maintain and monitor their health

Project objective

  • Increase health awareness
  • Manage training session
  • Flexible timing
  • Increase communication through specific chat platform

Scope of work

  • No access to public outside university
  • Prevention of overdoing of physical work
  • Regular updates of the app to prevent virus
  • Generate long-term value for UDST
  • Gain competitive advantage against competitors
  • Focus on quality as well as quantity of services
  • Assurance of cyber security
  • Maintenance of the app
  • Marketing of the application to attract audience

Project  stakeholder

  • Board of UDST
  • Administration of UDST
  • Students
  • Teachers
  • Project management team
  • Suppliers

Constraint and Assumption


  • Limitation of time
  • Limitation of financial resources
  • Limitation of the project scope
  • Limitation of human resource


  • The project will complete on time
  • The number of people interested in fitness activities will increase in UDST. 
  • There will be more people aware of the importance of fitness activities.
  • The user of the app will increase around 10% in the first month of the app launch



  • There will be risk of failure of attracting audience.
  • Health and safety of the visitors can be at risk.
  • Risk of lack of approval from the board.
  • Cyber security and data theft risk
  • Low internet connectivity

Project Approval

  • Approval from UDST administration
  • Approval from lecturer

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions