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Unit Aims :

The aim of this unit is to provide the learner with understanding and skills relating to project management principles, methodologies, tools and techniques that are used in business.

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

1. Plan the requirements for a project and estimate the resources necessary for its completion.

  • Identify projects required from an appraisal of business objectives.
  •  Produce project sub-divisions and high-level estimates of time
  • Evaluate a project methodology suitable for the specific project.
  • Assess the feasibility of a proposed project.


2. Devise an appropriate plan to manage a project using relevant project management tools and models.

  • Devise a structure for the management and execution of the project.
  • Define the roles and responsibilities of the project manager and team members.
  • Prepare a detailed project plan.


3. Examine and explain how the project will be monitored and controlled during the process of its completion.

  • Assess suitable project team structures.
  • Design quality management processes to be used in a project
  • Design procedures for managing project change proposals.
  • Design systems for monitoring and appraising the status of a project.


4. Identify and apply project management techniques and skills to a project application

  • Design control systems to manage challenges arising during the execution of projects.
  • Identify issues and risks likely to be encountered in the final stages of a project.
  • Assess the necessary project tasks to be completed in the final stages of a project.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions