Psychology in HRM

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The purpose of this applied project is to provide students with an opportunity to design and develop effective employee recruitment and selection strategies incorporating psychological principles for a selected human resource position. All components of this project should address the potential candidate`s suitability for suggested position with respect to Person-Job Fit and Person-Organization Fit. In groups of 4-6 students will complete the applied group project. The outcome of this project should be acceptable to HR department for application of recruitment process in their respective organization/s.
Format: The project will be submitted as a single document following APA recommendations for format, in-text citations, tables, figures, and references.
Value: 40% - Applied Project Report
Phase I: Due March 28, 2023 11:30PM
Your instructor will provide you with a position title.
Job Design Factors:

Decide whether this job will be in private sector or public sector.

Discuss factors (Behavioral Factors, Environmental Factors and Organizational Factors) to be considered in designing the job.
Summarize your findings with examples for each factor including citations and references.
Use information provided in class
Data Collection Techniques:

Describe any two (2) data collection techniques (Observation, Interview, Questionnaire, Checklists, Diaries or Log Records) that could be considered in collecting job analysis information.
Write one paragraph for each technique to justify its use. Use relevant citations and references.
Job Description & Job Specification:

Research a suitable job description and Job specification for this position which is currently available in job boards (Bayt,, Indeed, LinkedIn etc.,).

Evaluate it and identify any gaps
Specify how they can be corrected according to the industrial psychological standards.
Prepare the corrected Job Description and Job Specification
Job Advertisements:

Design two (2) Job Advertisements for the given position (Consider the challenges in I-O psychology implementation while developing the advertisements – bonafide or misleading information)
To post on The Peninsula Qatar (Local English Newspaper)
To post on company`s website.
Job Requirements Matrix

Design a Job Requirements Matrix for the position (The format is provided in the template)
Map each responsibility to task dimensions- emphasis on time management
Identify the nature of the job and provide ratings on identifying the importance of the task
Refer to class discussions when evaluating the job responsibilities i.e. Importance X Critical/Complexity X Time
Phase II: Due April 04, 2024 11:30PM
Phase 2 will include final information from PHASE 1 and the following information:
Interview Questions:

Design the interview questions using I-O psychological principles for a 30-minute panel interview.

The panel members for this interview are your group members. The interview questions must be mapped to the job description and job specification you had created.

Each student will provide a minimum of four (4) questions (2 behavioral and 2 situational questions). If you have 5 members in team, you will have to list 20 questions.

The interview time with candidate is 30 minutes, therefore, you need to decide which questions (from the pool) must be added for the interview.
Psychometric tests:

Propose at least two (2) appropriate psychometric tests that are valid to the position and to be used to assess the candidate. Justify how your choice of tests are relevant to the position
Application of Herzberg’s Hygiene theory:

Apply Herzberg’s Hygiene theory and provide the details of how your organization can address hygiene and motivation factors for the position
Tools to measure employee performance:

Identify a tool to measure the employee performance related to the position and justify your choice

Discuss OKRs and KPIs as discussed in class for the measurement of employee performance
Leadership style and Interventions:

Propose the leadership style and interventions that could motivate the performance of the employee who are working in the current position

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions