Qualities of a Great Leader

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Qualities of a Great Leader


i need the answer to be written in a business type and also if you can let the writer know to reference the answer to any of the leadership practices found in articles and the leadership challenge 


hello i need the answers of these questions below to be put it in a business professionally type of answers and each answer to be reference with any of the practices of exemplary leadership or any other articles about leaderships.

7.-What qualities do you believe a leader should have? A leader should be mindful, understanding, determined, assertive, responsible, committed, a team player, and must have the ability to connect with those individuals he ro he works with, a leader does not sit on a desk and watch, instead a leader should support his team and empower them to believe in what they do, in order for the staff to believe in what they do and feel good about it.  

8.-How do you hold staff accountable without micro-managing them? All staff know the consequences to their actions. they are all given an employee manual which explains in detail the decipinary actions that can be taken according to each particular infraction. 

9.-Can you name and describe a person that is a remarkable role model and leader? How has this person impacted your life? my old boss Mike, While I worked in the casinos 10 years ago he motivated me to work harder, especially as a single mother. He taught me everything I know about the Casino industry and did so with the kindness of his heart. I consider him a father to me. 

10.-What is one failure that has influenced the way your organization operates today? Giving unreliable people to much trust in getting things done, sometimes you may think that you have an excellent team and while you choose to not micro manage for that reason you then find cracks that you trusted not to happen. over the last 2 years when I started in this organization I have managed to deal with this issue. 

11.-How do you balance your work and family time? it is very difficult to balance but once you get in a good habit of having a weekly and monthly calendar to help you organize your self and if you utilize your time at work wisely, you will be able to have time for your self. The less unorganized and productive you are, the more difficult it is to have time to ones self. 

12.- What are the greatest challenges you believe leaders face in today`s society? I believe that some leaders do not give their team the opportunity fro growth and responsibility, not so much to earn good money but the ability to make decisions, to learn more, and in stead of allowing them to become a better asset, some leaders would limit their team. 

13.-What steps do you take in order to encourage and achieve quality work from your employees?

what i do is have supervision with my staff, and while we try to wokr on the weaknesses I am always strength based. I provide training, support, guidance, team building opportunities such as workshops, conferences, seminars, and I am always available to join my team in the field for support.

14.-Do you believe leaders are born or trained? I believe that leaders are born, but they have to be trained. There is a process and way to which a leader can be successful as such. You want to be able to motivate those who follow you, and you want to keep their trust that you will lead them in the right direction. 

15.- What advice would you give to future leaders? To be open minded, humble, strength based, and most importantly to be team players, and to lead for a cause not for a cost. 

16.-Which is most important when considering a candidate for leadership, education or experience?

I believe experience is a key. if you find someone who has the right mindset, you can teach them anything. where as a person with education may not necessarily have the experience or mindset that you need. 

17.-How do see your company changing in the future, and how do you see yourself contributing to that change. i see our organization providing support where it is most needed in the future. i would like to expand our reach across our county even more and helping our families to the best of our abilities. By me training and preparing my team, I will be able to one day walk away without a worry of the org lapsing which is alway the case in most agencies. 


Leadership in Business Name Institutional Affiliation Leadership in Business Qualities of a Great Leader A good leader should have capabilities that enable him or her to make changes that are essential to the existence of an organization in a dynamic environment. According to Barsh, Megelof, & Webb (2010) the five major capabilities a leader should have are finding meaning in work, converting emotions such as fear or stress into opportunity, leveraging connections and community, acting in the face of risk, and sustaining the energy that is the life force of change. To achieve these values, a leader should have qualities such as being mindful, understanding, determined, assertive, responsible, committed, team player and develop a good relationship with col


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions