Reasonable Suspicion: Criminal Justice Assignment

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Reasonable Suspicion: Criminal Justice Assignment


Prompt from Criminal Justice Instructor:
In this section through the lecture notes we examined ways to investigate and arrest people with and without warrants. 
A career in law enforcement requires you to investigate crimes against people or property. You must investigate people that are suspected of being involved in the crime but initially you lack enough information to make an arrest. 
Therefore, you must investigate and represent the victim or the victim`s family without violating the rights of the suspected person.
Here is your case: 
You are assigned to investigate a series of armed robberies at local Subway Sandwich shops throughout the city. There are four involved suspects in the crimes. The suspects always commit their crimes between the hours of 1-3 PM and always on Mondays. Two of suspects are both Male Blacks, one is a Male Hispanic, and the getaway driver is a Blonde female that could be white or Hispanic. All suspects appear to be between 18-23 years old. Usually, one of the suspects is armed with a stainless steel 9mm weapon. 
The car`s color is maroon, with a year model of 2000-2004, its a 4-door, Honda Civic. 
Knowing what you now know about consensual encounters, temporary detentions, Probable Cause Arrests, and Ramey Warrants, how will you investigate these serial robberies? 
I don`t need to know how you want to punish them, I want to know how you would investigate them. How would you develop leads, investigate, interview, interrogate, search, and hopefully arrest 
Assignment Guidelines:
Your response must be a minimum of at least one page. 
Use Times New Roman with Size 12 with One inch margins all around. 
Note from me the student to the Essay Zoo writer:
I provided the lecture notes for this section in a word document attachment.


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Reasonable Suspicion

The case presented about an investigation of series of robbery can be investigated based on reasonable suspicion. At this level, the officer is able to conduct an investigation relying on Reasonable Suspicion (RS). Based on the case, the officer is in a position to detain the suspects basing his legality on RS and is in a position to explain to the jury on the decision t


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