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Introduction – 200 words
*Aim of the assignment
*What is an annotated bibliography?
*Key words you used for search strategy and how you refined/chose the articles
(include 1-2 references about annotated bibliographies)

Body - 5 Annotated bibliographies -300 words each. (References do not include in the word count.
*This is where you will present your annotated bibliographies.
*Start each on a new page, with the Harvard reference for the piece – not included in the word count
*5 annotated bibliographies around 300 words each.
*Follow this with the annotated bibliography

Conclusion 200 words.
You do not need to summarise the main points from your assignment, instead use this section to reflect upon how you are going to use your learning from this activity.
Not the subject, but how will the literature searching and this academic writing style support your further studying

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions