Regulatory support driving offshore wind cost reduction: past present and future

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Background information:
The offshore wind is one of the carbon free energy sources that fall under a proposal by a UK committee on climate change in December 2008 to tackle a global warming problem. Committee’s report sets out carbon budgets till 2022 with aim to support policies required to enable their achievement. Further enabling policies such Electricity Market Reform that included Contract For Difference scheme endorsed supply chain development and supported investors’ confidence. The future of wind power depends on optimising its capital-intensive investment while developing its offshore wind turbines technology. The economy of scale will play a role in the development of wind power projects.

The deliverable should include a thorough review of industrial/academic literature regarding key UK policy interventions used in different stages offshore wind energy industry growth. This should be supplemented with specific publications about regulations driving offshore wind cost reductions (LCOE). This will build a foundation for the next chapter that will be a methodology and data analysis. In ideal case the timeline of enabling policy regulations should be developed or as a minimum this timeline should be clearly visible from the literature review. In addition to that, key literature for LCOE drivers shall be identified. 
The subject is quite broad and has a lot of available information. After doing a broad literature overview, I would like to identify 6-7 key sources and concentrate on them further in the future chapters.

Main sources of literature/information that I would like to be included in the literature review are below. This is by no means an exhaustive list.
- Committee on Climate Change report - December 2008
- BEIS publications and its predecessor (DECC) publication
- The Crown Estate publications including offshore wind cost reduction pathways study
- Ofgem publications and reports
- IEA (International Energy Agency) publications including World Energy Outlook
- IRENA (International Renewable Energy Agency) publications
- LCCC and ECS publications connected to EMR programme
- Offshore Wind Cost Reduction Task Force reports

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions