Research Methods in Business Practice- BSS057-3

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Assignment 2 – Research Methods Reflective Report

1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

 Relevant to business research, the nature of literature review, and research methodology as well as their relevance to business practice.

2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

 In developing a purposeful literature review and analysing a complex data set.

Task Your personal reflection is based on your learning experience in this unit and its relevance to your learning journey thus far. You are required to evidence how you have developed and used key skills that are beneficial for your research practice and writing skills. You might include evidence and links to key skill development in the following areas:

 Communication (evidenced by reflecting on your experience across the whole three years of the learning journey. Such evidence should be both verbal and written – evidenced by classroom discussion, presentations and report writing)

 Numeracy – (evidenced by examples of using data and statistics in your seminar activities and in the main submission)

 Research – (evidenced by the use of relevant sources and information for A1 and in the course of your unit).

 Problem Solving (evidenced by examples of analysis and information gathering, during the course of the unit and in the submission of the A1 assignment)

You must avoid writing a purely descriptive report but rather apply a reflective model (such as Kolb or Gibbs Reflective Cycles) to develop deeper insights into your experiences on the unit. All links to key skills development must be refer to activities undertaken for the BSS057- 3 unit rather than being generic or general observations.

Produce a reflective report which is supported by the evidence written within the weekly observations

 The reflective writing should demonstrate some basic recognition of the relevance of business research to your professional development

 Apply at least one theoretical model which explains the learning process and evidence through appropriate UoB Harvard Referencing.

The Assessment 1 problem-based report is paired with this reflective report that should provide an insight to the student of the deep learning process they engage in as they evolve via the unit assessment regime. This reflective element prepares the students two-fold; first it makes them aware of their own professional and academic development thus preparing them for the workplace, second it exposes them to reflective writing before they embark to the dissertation journey thus sensitising them to the reflective elements of the dissertation.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions