Research Methods in Business Practice

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Assignment 1 – Quantitative Data Analysis Report

1 Demonstrate the following knowledge and understanding

 Relevant to business research, the nature of literature review, and research methodology as well as their relevance to business practice.

2 Demonstrate the following skills and abilities

 In developing a purposeful literature review and analysing a complex data set.

You must produce an individual Report addressing a business research problem. The report should contain the following elements: 1. Clearly defined business research problem

2. Brief Literature Review covering relevant concepts, models and/or theories

3. Identification of a dataset sourced from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) website that will enable you to address your chosen business research problem

4. Quantitative analysis of the dataset using tools and techniques from the unit with the submission of the spreadsheet along with your individual written Report

5. Visualisations of data drawn from your quantitative analysis (e.g. tables, charts, graphs) 6. Findings and conclusions drawn from the quantitative analysis of the dataset that addresses the business research problem

The purpose of the individual report is to allow the student the opportunity to explore an area of the course in depth, and demonstrate evidence of independent critical thought and research. You will need to identify a business research problem and use datasets that are freely provided by the Office of National Statistics ( to provide a solution to the business research problem you have identified. Additional databases and data could be used by exception and only after consultation with the tutor.

 Show understanding of the context of the chosen topic

 Develop a literature review that uses at least 2-3 academic sources of information

 Include relevant data to address the topic and support your conclusions

 Produce an academic piece of work which is supported by evidence of research and UoB Harvard Referencing

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions