Research Reflection Report (Assignment Format)

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Topic: Research Reflection Report

Work must be related to the Integrated case study which You have worked on.
Research Reflection Report (Assignment Format) – Guidelines for the Report
These notes are designed to help you deliver and conduct a successful Research Reflection Report.
The Research Reflection Report is a major piece of work and is designed to support your own self-critical consideration of your research and related business skills and demonstrate that you can:-
• Reflect and comment critically on what you have learnt during the programme and during the carrying out of your research activities
• Carefully consider the research which you have carried out and critically comment on this
• Discuss the relationship of your research, research sources and evidence, and researching activities to the production of your Major Project
• Critically comment on the key areas, examples, sources of your research
• Consider the relationship of your research, and researching, to both your Major Project and possible future employment opportunities
Your Research Reflection Report is not only an academic exercise but also a piece of work which you may wish to use in future employment contexts to demonstrate your ability to consider the importance of research and researching to:-
• business planning,
• business success,
• organisational contexts
• your own academic and business skills and the contribution which you can make to an organisation as a result of developing these skills
The Research Reflection Report therefore aims to support the student’s ability to be self critical about their research. It also develops the students understanding and application of the core concepts of business and academic skills while developing their ability to perform more effectively within organisations in a real world context. The Report therefore encourages reflection on:-
1) Research Processes
2) The research methodologies which you have considered and applied
3) Research and researching as a problem solving process used by you as a student,
4) The identification and discussion of your key learning points which could be applied to other situations.
5) The relationship of research and your major project to your professional development opportunities and career development intensions
Completion of the Report
• The contents of the report are given in a template format (see pages 3&4)
• You may treat this report as a self critical evaluation of your researching experience or “Learning Diary” or as a final summing up of your experiences while carrying out the Research and the Major Project in which you have been involved. It is advisable not to leave the completion of the Report until the last minute.
• Above all this Report should not be simply descriptive – it should be a self critical summary of your learning experiences. You should adopt a ‘critical’ viewpoint – what seems to work, what is less successful – and why? Discuss the examples of best /good/interesting research practice which you have come across. Consider how research examples/models can be usefully used in business situations– and be adapted to suit your future workplace/ academic environment.
• You should attempt to respond to all template sections
• You should keep to the overall word limit of 4000 words maximum for the whole Report.
Things to think about when completing your Research Reflective Report:-
The nature of your research and your Major Project
Why is it being done; why are you working on this subject and how significant is it to you and to future employers?
Plan of your schedules
Have you managed effectively your research and Major Project schedules and are they logical?
What resources (i.e. people, evidence, references, and ideas) have you used and how are you using these? Why are they important?
Are the methods which you have used specified clearly, and are they sufficiently rigorous? Are data/evidence/literature sources specified and available? Are you conducting the research and the Major Project in a professional manner? What analytical frameworks will be used to make sense of the work? Are these appropriate?
Support and Barrier Issues
Have these been thought through by you? How any barriers to be/being overcome?
Anticipated Benefits to you and to a future employment organisation
What are they? – Knowledge? : Ideas? : Learning Experience? : Efficiency? : Effectiveness? Financial?: Organisational?: Skills?
How will the project satisfy you?
How will the work contribute to your personal development? How wide a range of skills and knowledge does it use from your programme? Will it demonstrate that you have an understanding of your programme subject areas?
Major Project Conclusions: The conclusions which you are forming for your Major Project – are they based on rigorous reasoning and argument?
Report Writing Skills
Write your reflections and critical views clearly and simply.

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