Rise of Social Media

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Rise of Social Media


Parasocial interaction theory has been used to describe the one-sided relationships that can occur between a media user and the media being consumed. Used to understand the process by which individuals form attachments to media personae, the theory may also help explain the behavior of those social networking sites (SNS) users who use Internet- based online communities. Explores how para-social interaction and token act of support can affect the SNS users behavior of online community users.

*Only use the 3 articles given*

- Please make sure you have a strong thesis

- Clearly present your state of knowledge by drawing arguments from the 3 articles. 

- *IMPORTANT*Establishing common themes from both articles: e.g: loss of control of informations flows, changing professional normals, impression management, para-social relationships

- Use of academic writing techniques such as Modality, Level of generalities, Orchestrating voices, limiting expressions and agent less expressions, etc.

the writing techniques needed to be included in the paper, this website gives a general idea of all techniques



Social Media Name: Institution: Introduction Like agriculture, the invention of internet has created an avalanche development in the every corner of the human life. Practically every other aspect in the human life today is on one way or the other, directly or indirectly influenced by technology. With the internet of this, this is will take a notch higher, having most of the activities whether productive of social connected in ecosystem. One of the developments brought about by the advent development of technology is the ability to socialize with anyone in the world and participate in events that are half way across the globe. The social has lately upgraded from just socializing to aplace where individuals consume media content. While this aspect is important, it is the relationships the users and the media content on social media that is quite interesting.This is an aspect that elaborated by the Parasocial Interactions Theory, which relates to the relations that people on the social media form with the content and how it implicates on them(Stojanovic, 2012). Thesis statement: The social media has subverted the way people share information, create impressions and identi


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions