Role of Social Networks

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After watching the documentary the hidden effect of social networks, am of the idea that despite the high level of developments that the world is experiencing today, there is little that has been done to understand the role of the social networks in understanding the different phenomenon that are in the world. Clearly, there is more than just the existence of the social networks. The documentary makes it clear that the networks that are around an individual seem to have a lot of impact on how they will act, the emotions they will show and the thoughts that they will display towards these networks.

I totally agree with Nicholas in all the ideas that he raises about the existence and the being of the networks. I also believe that by looking at the variations of the different clusters that are shown in the images such as those in the video, one can begin to understand how they display different characters. Furthermore, I am of the idea that networks are based on the level of connection matter that guides their being. The most intriguing bit of this presentation was learning that even the social networks that are in our lives also follow certain aspects of our individuals such as our genetic makeup.

If I were to extrapolate some of the ideas the documentary raises in my life, I would say I embody the effects of the networks. Whenever I feel people are beneficial to me, I will tend to be friendly, welcoming, and even understanding the issues that they are going through. However, should such individual go against the thoughts and the expectations that are against that which I refer to as good or that which is beneficial to me, I cut them lose just Bakshy (15) also noted.


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions