Rusty Rims IT Strategic Plan, Part 2; Rusty Rims Case Study

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Rusty Rims IT Strategic Plan, Part 2


Before you begin this assignment, be sure you have read the “Rusty Rims Case Study” and the feedback you received on your IT Strategic Plan Part 1 assignment. Also, be sure you have read the chapters in the textbook that have been assigned to this point.


Purpose of this Assignment


This assignment gives you the opportunity to apply the course concepts to complete the development of an Information Technology Strategic Plan (ITSP) to support the strategic direction of Rusty Rims Distribution Company (RR). This assignment specifically addresses the following course outcomes to enable you to:


  • identify, define, and explain the concepts of information technology governance and management
  • apply best practices in information technology management and governance to make, defend,

and justify an IT decision

IT Strategic Plan for Rusty Rims Distribution Company

For the previous assignment, you developed Part 1 of an IT Strategic Plan for RR. For this assignment, you will incorporate any needed changes resulting from the feedback you received on your Part 1 assignment and you will add Part 2.  Part 2 will include an IT project that you are proposing that RR undertake. This new project will be included in the IT Portfolio section of Part 2, and will be further described in a future assignment, the “IT Decision Paper.” The entire ITSP will be submitted as a single document for this assignment.


First, you should make any changes to your Part 1 assignment, as indicated in the feedback you received. Then, you will develop Part 2 of the ITSP for Rusty Rims, using the outline below, and add it to Part 1. A single, complete ITSP, with both Parts 1 and 2 will be submitted for this assignment. Note that Part 2 includes a project you are proposing that RR undertakes. In addition to the course materials, at least

one external resource (resource other than those provided in the class) must be used. Two or more cited references will earn top credit. Use a separate References page to list just the references you have cited. Remember to use the APA formatting rules and correctly cite and reference your sources with APA format. Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything. Submit your paper as a Microsoft Word document, or a document that can be read using Word, with your lastname included in the filename.

Please use this outline to build Part 2 of your IT Strategic Plan. Use the numbering and headings shown below.

Part Two

  1. 1. IT Strategies – Write at least three IT strategies (four or more will earn top credit) and explain how they align to one or more of the business strategies, including the compliance requirements, articulated in the Case Study. If these business strategies were not included in your Part 1

paper, you should add these strategies into Part 1 prior to submitting this assignment. When the full ITSP is submitted for this assignment, there should be a clear link between the business strategies in Part 1 and the IT Strategies in Part 2.  Provide at least one internal IT strategy and

two business-enabling IT strategies and identify each as either and internal or business-enabling strategy. Refer to Chapter 9. For an explanation of internal and external IT strategies, see the portion of the text just prior to Table 9.2.

  1. 2. IT Portfolio – As stated in the textbook, Chapter 9: “The summary of your strategy is your overall IT road map and includes the expected time frame to deliver your strate Recommendations in this area include organizing your road map by key business partners, such as sales and marketing, and using a six-quarter time frame. Six quarters provides adequate time to deliver programs that may take more than one year to complete and provides visibility into the organization’s longer-term strategy.” Although the roadmap shown in Figure 9.3 identifies projects that are approved/proposed, along with projects that have been delayed from their original delivery date; for purposes of this assignment, only the projected time frames to develop the projects are required. Create a roadmap, similar to the one in the textbook, Chapter 9,

Figure 9.3. The table below is similar to Figure 9.3; it shows the five functional areas of an example company and two systems for each area. To develop your roadmap, use a table like the

one below; you can copy the table, insert the functional areas and systems that are discussed in

the Case Study, and use ‘insert shape – rectangle’ to insert the bars showing the timeframes for development of each. The functional areas and projects in development, and their timeframes should be extracted from the Rusty Rims Case Study. Be sure to include an introductory paragraph to explain the table that will follow.

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