SEND issues and policy developments in general (general module content)

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- 2000 words, fine-graded, 70% weighting

This will be a discussion of your learning through the module, including the collaborative working process for the group presentation. This should be fully supported with theory and policy, and accurately referenced using the Harvard system. This will enable you to meet module learning outcomes. Your reflection should have an introduction and conclusion regarding your learning journey through the module and group presentation. There should be clear explanation of how your knowledge, understanding and skills have developed, by using theoretical models and perspectives, policies and research findings in the literature to support your reflection. This will need to be firmly linked to implications for the extent to which you would be better placed for the practice context for SEND. 

You will need to consider significant learning in:

- SEND issues and policy developments in general (general module content)
- An area of SEND ( for your group presentation)
- A possible specific condition (a possible exemplar condition within your group presentation)
- Collaborative working (both theory covered in module teaching for working with other professionals and families, and the experience of the group presentation)

Introduction –
• Set the context regarding your interest and prior experience of SEND 
• Provide definitions of key terms 
• Raise a key issue / line of argument for your ensuing discussion – what you hoped to gain through the module 
• Identify any specific themes and signpost the organisation of content for the reader

Discussion / reflection – 
• Use models of disability and theoretical perspectives and frameworks to help analyse - illuminate and explain - your developing knowledge and understanding 
• Provide a balance between your chosen focus area of SEND and growing awareness of the wider context of module themes and issues pertaining to SEND 
• Draw on models of collaborative working to reflect on your own effectiveness and the group working as a whole, and how this might reflect issues in the collaborative professional context 

Conclusion – 
• Summarise key points from your learning journey reflected upon above 
• Arrive at an appropriately reasoned conclusion regarding your intended/hoped for and actual learning about SEND 
• Consider your personal and professional development through this module and indicate possible directions for your future learning needs with regard to both SEND and collaborative working 
• How well placed would you feel for engaging with the special needs working context?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions