Sexual harassment at the workplace

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In this paper, you are asked to write an essay on “Sexual harassment at the work place” with a summary including the main points of the topic and a descriptive introduction. Also compare and contrast the literature. You are then instructed to clearly describe the methods you are using. In case of finding results, mention them as well with proper presentation and revaluation and conclude it with necessary references.    

Applied Business Research & Analysis (Business Research)

 The final project report should be 3,500 – 4,000 words

               (You can split the words count as you like)

The topic I selected to do the research on is (sexual harassment at the workplace)


Skeleton for essay 

 · Abstract/Executive Summary – summarises the main points of the research essay (150-200 words)

 · Introduction – descriptive introduction of your essay (set the scene for the reader including the rationale and purpose of this study. State (or re-state) the aim and objectives of the topic you choose. Define the aim and research questions/objectives and/or hypotheses.

  • · Literature Review - critical review of books, academic papers, practitioner articles, and other reporting materials for your area of study.  You should compare and contrast the literature (compare – look for similarities, contrast – look for differences), and then provide a synthesis of the literature (a synthesis brings together a combination of concepts/ideas).
  • · Research Methodology– do clearly describe the methodology you have followed to undertake research. State the methods you used to collect data and include a consideration of the concepts and theories, which underlie the methods.

 · Presentation of results and discussion– present any results, evaluations, and findings. State how you have addressed the research questions and/or hypotheses. Consider the essay overall and highlight the main factors (link to literature and findings where possible)

 · Conclusion – summarise all that you have written about and highlight the main points and central argument/s for the reader.

 · References - Use the Harvard referencing system for all citations and references. 


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions