SHC 52 Promote professional development

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1. Understand principles of professional development

1.1 Explain the importance of continually improving knowledge and practice

1.2 Analyse potential barriers to professional development

1.3 Compare the use of different sources and systems of support for professional development

1.4 Explain factors to consider when selecting opportunities and activities for keeping knowledge and practice up to date

2. Be able to prioritise goals and targets for own professional development

2.1 Evaluate own knowledge and performance against standards and benchmarks

2.2 Prioritise development goals and targets to meet expected standards

3. Be able to prepare a professional development plan

3.1 Select learning opportunities to meet development objectives and reflect personal learning style

3.2 Produce a plan for own professional development, using an appropriate source of support

3.3 Establish a process to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan

4. Be able to improve performance through reflective practice

4.1 Compare models of reflective practice

4.2 Explain the importance of reflective practice to improve performance

4.3 Use reflective practice and feedback from others to improve performance

4.4 Evaluate how practice has been improved through:

reflection on best practice

reflection on failures and mistakes

The purpose of this unit is to assess the learner’s knowledge, understanding and skills required to promote the professional duty to maintain the currency of knowledge and skills and the need to continually reflect on and improve practice.

Sources and systems of support may include:

• Formal support

• Informal support

• Supervision

• Appraisal

• Mentoring

• Within the organisation

• Beyond the organisation

Standards and benchmarks may include:

• Codes of practice

• Regulations

• Minimum / essential standards

• National occupational standards

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions