Should water be treated as a commodity that can be bought and sold like oil, or should countries restrict its sale and use?

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i will attach a Word file that has all the questions that needs to be answered in the paper. be simple please.




Over the last half century, the United States has built a wealthy and technologically rich society, partially through what many would call a disproportionate share of the world’s natural resources.  As more and more of the world’s population look to benefit from those resources, it will become harder both economically and socially to continue to justify our use of them.

One resource that we all need is water. There is a finite amount of clean water available on the planet, and the technology to produce more is, at best, in its infancy.

  • What I would like you to do is read the article I have posted on Blackboard, “The New Oil: Should private companies control our most precious natural element”. Then see if you can find some more material on the subject.  Once you have “boned up” on the subject, answer the following questions:
  • Should water be treated as a commodity that can be bought and sold like oil, or should countries restrict its sale and use?
  • Are there any technologies you feel should be developed or explored that might help in a coming water shortage?
  • Would you support measures such as banning the sale of “bottled water” unless it can be shown that the local water supply is untrustworthy?
  • One of the technologies that have been proposed to ease our dependence on foreign oil is to expand the production of ethanol for cars, but for each gallon of ethanol we produce, we use approximately 4 gallons of water.  Do you think it is worth it?

Once you feel you have looked around enough, put together a short 1-2 page paper addressing the issues.  As with the first paper, I am not requiring formal citations, but I expect to “hear your voice” in the words, not a collection of cut and paste material.

12pt or smaller, no greater that 1.5 spacing.

Running head: NATURE STUDIESWaterName:University:Course:Tutor:Date: WaterWater is no doubt a highly valuable resource which is natural with no alternative to it. It is found in natural sources like rivers, wells, oceans, seas, streams and underground. These sources can get depleted of water due to several reasons such as misuse of water which leads to its dry up. Deforestation is yet another reason why natural sources of water dry up. Most water sources are contaminated and polluted by industrial and human waste. This makes the water not safe for human consumption because it can cause water- borne diseases and infections.There is therefore need to preserve the purity and enhance the availability of water from the sources. This can be done at the individual and national level. Factors linked with decreased amount of rainfall should be a target in this endeavor since rainfall is the primary source of water. There should be campaigns to educate people on the proper use of water, planting of trees (aforestation and re-a forestation). This is because forests serve as water catchment areas. The states’ governments all over the world should ensure that forested lands are not cultivated or settled by humans and should ensure that these forests are well maintained. There has been un-equal consumption of water around th...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions