SHRM critical perspectives on workplace learning Q4

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Discussion Topic: Unit 8


Organisational Learning has been defined as “the process of improving actions through better knowledge and understanding (Fiol & Lyles, 1985) and is said to occur “when any of an organisations units acquires knowledge that the unit recognises as potentially useful to the organisation” (Huber, 1991).

Choosing either your own organisation or one you are familiar with, critically analyse the key factors which are likely to impact on the success of organisational learning and knowledge productivity in the company. Critically discuss key barriers to the effectiveness of organisational learning and providing a solution for how HRD can overcome this.

Discussion Topic: Unit 9 



The concept of communities of practice (COP’s) has been around for over 25 years however, it has received increased interest in recent years as they are argued to enable tacit knowledge to be shared and are an important mechanism for collaborative learning in an organisation (Carberry & Cross, 2015: 94).

Debate the effectiveness of COP’s in assuming responsibility for the development and sharing of knowledge through sustained engagement between people in the community group and justify whether there is a place for COP’s in such a fast-paced business world we now live in.

Guidelines for discussion responses

  • Your initial posting should respond to the question and be at least 300-500 words long.
  • You should respond to the postings of the other students several times.
  • Please try to limit your posts to 200-300 words maximum, so that others may be encouraged to reflect on, and respond to your ideas.
  • Each discussion lasts for two weeks, across 2 consecutive units.
  • You are expected to contribute a maximum of ten postings during that period.
  • Any posts made over the maximum number of posts allowed will not be considered for grading purposes.
  • You will be assessed on your contribution of this 2 week discussion at the end of unit 9.

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