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Please wear comfortable clothing and footwear, ensuring proper safety precautions are taken. Seqwater’s WH&S policy requires; long sleeves, long trousers, hard hats and closed-in steel cap boots be worn. Additionally, we recommend bringing sun protection, including sunscreen and water as we will be outside for a portion of the site visit.


Seqwater and companies must observe the following protocols during the Site Visit.


(a)Companies are not to provide any documents or material to Seqwater at any time during the site visits; and

(b)Companies may ask questions/seek clarification from Seqwater. Seqwater may make a verbal response. However, Seqwater’s verbal response will not be binding. Only written responses are binding. A Company must put any questions or requests for clarification in writing and Seqwater will issue a written response.


(a)So far as possible, any verbal response/comment made by Seqwater shall be such as to be audible to every Company;

(b)Seqwater may offer comments (without reference to a question from a Company);

(c)Seqwater’s verbal comments will not be binding unless confirmed in writing;

(d)No written information or documents will be accepted by Seqwater;

(e)Material which Seqwater proposes to issue will be issued to all Companies;

(f)Seqwater will not offer design ideas or solutions;

(g)Seqwater will not provide feedback against the evaluation criteria; and

(h)The Site Visit should not be used as a negotiation opportunity and therefore only those intending to submit a tender response should attend.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions