SOCIAL THEORY – Theorists, Concepts, and Applicability

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Lemert (2009) describes social theory as way of life and a means of survival for mankind. The author argues that social theory develops from ones daily practices. The author through social theory also highlights that new ideas has a great potential of transforming the society. Lemert presents his ideas chronologically through discussing a series of ancient to present social theories. His key arguments are explained through reference to historical and present social thinkers.

Halley (2008) argues that the aesthetic value of something or an occasion is irreducible no matter how many times it is repeated. The author further argues that this repetitiveness reduces the chances of inventing something new and poses limited chances of new experiences. Halley further argues that the world of art has a potential of modifying the habitus nature of the world and bringing new experiences. He presents his arguments through Kant’s theories regarding aesthetics as well as discussing various famous world cultural events.

Dillon (2010) indicates that social theory provides a platform through which social life can be analyzed. He argues that social theory investigates the effect of social structures the people’s way of life. The convolution of social life can only be explained through social theory. The author discusses social theory through comprehensive analysis of social transformation since 19thcentury. The author approaches his argument through reference to ideas of historical sociological theorists such as Harriet Martineau.

Bourdieu (1994), attempts to establish how social structure influence actions based the question of modern social theory. Bourdieu argues that all situations that a person goes through are always predetermined by their previous experiences. According to Bourdieu (1994:57), all life experiences of people are shaped by their habitus. The author develops his key ideas through reference to sociological theories, social practices and structures…”

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