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The learning outcomes of the module are:

LO1. Analytically evaluate the impact of external factors on strategic positioning of an organisation within an industry with particular emphasis on dynamic global business environments.

LO2. Critically apply a range of theories, frameworks, techniques and perspectives to analyse strategic issues in organisations

LO3. Develop and evaluate strategic options and make strategic decisions.

LO4. Critically analyse the nature of strategic paradoxes and tensions which influence strategic decision-making in an organisational setting and make informed business decisions.

LO5. Reflect on strategic decision-making process and performance in a simulated business context

Assignment 2 / Component 1 is designed to test your learning against the learning outcome 4. The presentation tests all aspects of the module content in Trimester 1, Year 2. You are also expected to draw on the learning from Trimester 2, Year 1 module content and your own research from relevant sources.

The assignment – Team Presentation (25% weighting)
You are required to deliver a 15 minutes team presentation addressing Question 1, followed by 5 minutes questions and answers. Please note that all teams will be required to submit their PowerPoint slides to the group submission dropbox by 4 pm Tuesday 10th October. The version of PowerPoint slides submitted to dropbox should be the one used to deliver the presentation. You will deliver your presentations during the scheduled tutorial classes in weeks 6 and 7. A presentation schedule will be uploaded on campus moodle for each of the tutorial groups. You will be asked to wait outside the class 5 minute before your team’s scheduled time for the presentation. You will be called in by the assessors when they are ready.
Question 1
With reference to the theory and literature introduced this trimester and your prior analysis (Assignment 1), prepare and deliver a presentation focused on assessing and appraising one key strategic paradox which influences decision-making in your chosen organisation, and provide recommendations for informed business decision. (25% weighting)
Identify an appropriate business organization* which is currently facing a major strategic issue and/ or operating in a volatile external environment. You will need to have access to company reports and other published material about the organisation and its competitive and macro environment. You can choose the same organisation that was analysed in the 1st Assignment for this module
Guidance notes on choosing an *appropriate business organisation
Select something ‘going on’ to investigate.
Select a major strategic issue (on the internal / external / competitive front(s) and/ or operates in a volatile environment
Think what models/tools you can use; and how you can demonstrate your new knowledge?
Look at the presentation marking rubric – what is it asking you for?
Select the same organisation that one of your team members have used for Assignment 1. But make sure you do not self-plagiarise!
You may also consider: (1) why you are interested in the organisation? (2) can you get the information you need? (3) is there enough ‘going on’ to meet the demands of the question asked?

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions