State Fair of Mississippi

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Location and Structure

The Mississippi state fair ground is surrounded by four streets to create a box -like confinement that holds major components that serve the purpose of recreation. The middle of the ground runs a street called the Mississippi Street. The lower side of the ground is marked by the Pearl Street while the opposite end of Pearl Street has the High Street. The other side of Mississippi Street opens to the final border street called the Greymont Street. The origin of the Mississippi Street, which runs through the showground, is a junction with the street that borders the show on the east side called the Jefferson Street. The park has ten gates numbered from one to ten. Most of the gates are on the lower side of the ground divided by the Mississippi Street. A security guard at one of the gates explained that the gates are concentrated on that side since it is the part of the ground that holds most events. From prior observations, the gates seem to be focused on the part of the complex that houses the show ground. The security expounded more on the peculiar locations of the gates “most people come on this side compared to the upper side,’ they tend to begin their fun day at the lower side where most fun and entertainment events are concentrated”.

The complex, as well, holds other structures within them that are not concerned with the trade fair as much. The Mississippi Coliseum for instance and the Mississippi Department of Agriculture and commerce center are also located within the fair complex.

Education and Environment

The first event was the recycling project aimed at keeping Mississippi clean and funding scholarships. A collection of cardboards was done throughout the ground and from vendors across the fair. Every single day of the fair, for the 12 days, the exercise was performed to ensure all the waste cardboard had been collected for recycling. Funds after this collection are used for scholarships. The recycling process is a series of mechanisms that result in a better product (Williams 1). The commissioner, Cindy Hyde-Smith, explained that they would continue with the recycling project in this year as all other years. He said “I have never known that waste cardboard could be used to make other products for so much money in return”.

The livestock shows are amazing. The different species of pigs running in different heat races amazed the other young kids and adults, as well. The fair rules are also rather friendly and allow the visitors to take photos with the animals. The people enjoy the acts that animals can do. The livestock show is governed by a lot of chats and investment oriented banter. There is this particular marketer who educated the public about how the big bulls and heifer cattle can transform a farmer’s life. He explained, “the heifers can produce up to a twenty liters of milk at one milking occasion, twice a day and they are very cheap to maintain in an average farm”.

Discussions among farmers who felt that the cows would be of much profit were interested, and some of them had their voices high trying to be heard amidst the noise.

The petting zoo is another place to be. Visitors are allowed to feed the many different exotic animals. Some kids around were really into repeating the process over and over again, and the parents had a hard time convincing them about other shows taking place that were really good for them.

Social Aspect of the Fair

The family day was a crucial day at the fair. Here people would interact with other families in contests and other events. For example, the cookout event attracted a lot of people. Probably, the good smell of the different delicacies being prepared attracted the crowds. The winners of the cook-out event had fun and enjoyed the event. Losing families as much as they had fun would occasionally be filled with emotions as to why they did not win. Some little girls would cry after losing. The judging system of whoever made the best beef made the event even livelier.

What is more, concerts and stage bands provided an avenue for interactions. Some events reshuffled the audience to ensure people got to interact (Brantley 2). People who love same music genres also got to know each other and the celebrities. After and during the events camera flashes would light up the stage. The performing musicians on 12th October; Old Dominion allowed the fans to take pictures after the show with them.

At gate one near the ‘Kiddie rides’ and the ‘Giant Slide,’ I observed that there was a diaper changing station where mothers would bring their infants to clean them up and change diapers. I asked one of the women there how the facility made it to the complex and she explained, “these exhibitions and shows amaze the kids and the adults hence it is not an event they come and go after one or two hours. We intend to spend the entire day here and therefore the station is very crucial to the attendance of the fair.” She concluded by adding, “The person who came up with the idea is a genius and saves us the embarrassment of having to clean the kids in public places.”


Entertainment is one of the major events that took place in Mississippi State fair. There was a wide range of entertainment for all ages, kids, parents, teen and so forth. Every preference was available when it comes to music, games, carnival rides, contests, concerts, the animal presentation, swimming and all the talents competitions (Brantley 4). No stone in entertainment was left unturned.

Different musicians from different genres were available; both individual musicians and group musicians. This made people of all age to be excited and happy. For instance, Brandon Mitchell & Swap were available in the musicians’ show. They performed on Sunday from 4:00 pm on the Budweiser stage. The show was so alive and full of people to the brim. People could not help but express their excitement. The audience was singing along with the musicians. There were also gospel performers, the group First Baptist Providence Quartet which, performed from 2:00 pm (Clarion-Ledger 7). This group was filled with much energy. The way they were singing was so moving that anyone passing by would have stopped to join them in the singing. This showed how much people worship God regardless of place.

On Friday, Miles Flatt performed. This concert was meant to be a free admission concert. This is to ensure that no one loses a chance to catch this. This is one of the musicians I find wonderful to watch them perform live. The way they get word from their mouth with such a vigor, they way they beat their drums, the way they lay their guitar was such a great opportunity to watch them. Watching all these is not all one can never imagine of. The other musician group was that of the famous Boys II Men. This one was dedicated to all the blues lovers. The fact that I was watching them perform live made me feel so special. I tried all I could to have a small chat with the group. I came to know them personally. This is what every fan has and can wish for. There were other musicians like American Authors, Jewel Bass Jerry Pucket Raphael Semmes Guy Hovvis and much more.

In the kids’ sections, there were various games, rides and much more. The rides went for a cheaper fee. One ride went for 2.7 USD (MSfair 1). The ride parks were filled with children and parents. Parents accompanied their children to the rides park to offer protection.  The air was so hot and filled with voices and sounds all over, sounds of camera lights. Some of the children were heard screaming due to height fright, speed freight and other freights. Others were screaming to mark the level of enjoyment they were experiencing.

In addition, there was also some fun performance, the presence of clowns in the field made people so live and on toes. Magicians like Kiddie Davie were also there and they also performed to the crowd. Most kids found this fascinating like when the magician made a bird out of a piece of cloth (The Fairview Inn). The animal presentation was available. It was so surprising as I could not understand how a single animal can talk. This was done by Percy King who used a parrot. The most exciting thing was the bird mentioned my name.

There were also animals racing for fun like pig racing, dogs competing in driving cattle and sheep. Not forgetting the pet lovers, there were stalls which were made available for pet lovers, different animals were in the stalls. People were allowed to meet and feed the exotic animals. Taking photos with the animals was also allowed. I never thought that such a significant population in the country loved animals that much until I witness in the fairness.


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