Strategic Marketing K/616/3030

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Unit Aims :

The aim of this unit is to provide learners with a detailed understanding of the marketing planning process and to apply these principles to a variety of business contexts. The unit also provides a comprehensive understanding of environmental analysis and how this can lead to the development of appropriate objectives and strategies to enhance operational marketing performance.

Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria

1. Understand the principles of marketing and its role in business practice.

  • Evaluate the role of marketing in an organisation.
  • Analyse the relationship between corporate strategy and marketing strategy.
  • Explain how marketing strategy is developed.


2. Be able to evaluate approaches to marketing analysis

  • Evaluate various approaches to internal environmental analysis.
  • Evaluate various approaches to external environmental analysis
  • Explain how internal and external analyses can be integrated to devise strategic alternatives


3. Be able to apply strategic marketing decisions and choices.

  • Justify decisions and choices to be made at a corporate level.
  • Assess how these decisions influence marketing at business unit and functional level.
  • Evaluate approaches to competitive positioning of businesses.


4. Be able to evaluate the use of marketing strategies for competitive advantage.

  • Summarise a range of strategies that can contribute to competitive advantage.
  • Assess marketing strategies, their application and implementation for an organisation.
  • Evaluate marketing strategies for an organisation.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions