Strategic Marketing Summary Samsung cell phone.

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Strategic Marketing Summary Samsung cell phone.



Using the following product: Samsung cell phone (highly competitive product/service market)


  • Research the product above (your references will need to be mostly academic source).  Do not limit yourself to searching solely on the product or service name.  Look up the industry it is in ( is a good source) and search on that industry as well.  Look up the direct competitors.  Check industry journals and the trade press. You may want to visit a retailer websites.


  • Answer each of the following four questions in order and number the beginning of your response to each question.  You do not need to repeat the question:


  1. Creating Value for Customers. – ½ page written text Consider the customers you believe currently use your product or service and the definition of marketing offered in the course content.  Answer: what are your preliminary thoughts as to how you think the company creates value for its customers?


  1. Role of the Customer in the Company’s Strategic Plan. – ½ page written text  The best marketing begins with the customer and that commitment to the customer begins with including the customer in the company’s mission statement.  Find your company’s mission statement.  Repeat it (or attach as an exhibit if it is too long) and comment on its effectiveness in demonstrating the company’s commitment to having a customer focus.  Could the mission statement have more focus on the customer?  How would you recommend it be modified?  Is it supported with value statements or other evidence of a customer focus?


  1. SWOT analysis. – ½ page written text  Identify at least one element of each of the SWOT categories (a strength, a weakness, an opportunity, and a threat).  Explain your choice using a citation if needed.  Then identify possible implications for each of the four elements.  For example, if a strength is a strong national brand name, the implication is that the company may be able to launch other related products under the positive umbrella of the same brand name.  Conversely, if a major weakness is the company is carrying a lot of debt, the implication is that the company not not be able to achieve significant growth, but may have to consider retrenchment strategies.  


  1. Competitive Analysis. – ½ page written text  Identify at least two major competitors or those two products that are trying to sell essentially identical products to the same type of consumer.  Then, identify at least three criteria that are important to those consumers when they are making their decision as to which of the three competing offers to buy (e.g. price, specific benefit, service, warranty, convenience, specific feature, etc.).


  1. 3rd Page Exhibit –Make a little chart with the three criteria along the left-hand side and the competitor products (including your own product) across the top.  Rank each of the products on a scale from 1= low to 5= high on each performs on each of the three criteria.  Add down each column.   Which product ranked highest overall based on the sum of the columns.   Then, look at the highest score in each of the criteria boxes.  Which products ranked the highest on each of the three criteria? Was it the same product, was it three different products?  What do these results tell you about the competitive environment of your product category?  Which product is the leader?  Which product is the follower, challenger and niche if those categories apply?  Attach chart as an exhibit.


Document Requirements: Prepare as a word processed document (such as Microsoft Word). • Two pages of double-spaced text, approximately 1/2 page for each of the four questions. Do not exceed this maximum.  A third page will be used for attached exhibits.


  • Use a simple 12-point font such as Times New Roman.
  • Research should use footnotes and include a bibliography.  You may use MLA or APA style, or any other college-level style guide.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions