Strategy & Change Management BSS013-3

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 Establish knowledge and understanding of the main strategic approaches and change management theories and relate them to the external/internal environment that shapes a business.

 Determine skills and abilities to research and apply strategic options in a particular context and develop appropriate solutions to strategic problems in business with a consideration of the relevant critical success factors.

What am I required to do in this assignment? In this assessment, you will be required to play a Venture game – online simulation game. The report produced will consist of the results of an analysis of relevant strategic decisions taken whilst playing the game. You are expected to carry out research and discuss relevant strategy models when posting their diaries on BREO. You are expected to also reflect and connect your experience in the formative simulation activity to the literature on strategy. The final report should reference those findings and include a reflective account of learning from a formative in-class strategy simulation exercise. Business Simulation evaluation and reflective report guidelines:

Step 1: You need to contact the Unit Coordinator or your tutor to help you gain access to an online venture game via your BREO shell. You will work in groups playing the game but remember the report must be individual. The game needs to be ran for 8 quarters.

Step2: The report should be focused on your self-awareness and understanding of the strategic decisions you undertook on behalf of the “company” and analyse how those decisions affected the outcome of the game. You are expected to utilize theories and frameworks from the strategy and the change management body of knowledge (academic journals and books) to underpin your decisions.

Step3: You need to also include a reflective element in your analysis where you report on your performance within the industry. You will utilise your experience in writing reflective learning and your acquired knowledge on strategy and change management theory in order to dissect the simulation experience and account for your success (or not) within the simulation exercise.

Step4: You need to keep an on-going log of all the actions and outcomes of the game and include those in the appendices. The word count of the logs will not be included in your word count and is only for reference. Good reports will be written clearly and concisely with good structure with links to page numbers in the appendices. The appendices will include referenced relevant theory.

Your appendices should include:

 Initial strategic plan

 Performance print out per quarter

 Reflective log

 Reference list



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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions