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Assessment practices are a vital part of the teaching profession. Write no less than800 to 1,200 word essay explaining the rationale for your grading system. Include the following:

Part 1: Assessment Plan Summary Introduction that provides a 150 word summary of a 3-5 day unit of study to contextualize your assessments.

Your summary should include: 1. Learning targets/objectives that are aligned with your standards and consistent with the unit of study that you have summarized.

2. Instructional strategies that are appropriate and effective in promoting student achievement of the learning objective.

3. Targeted reasoning skills to be measured that are aligned with your standards and consistent with the unit of study that you have summarized.

4. The different ways a student can demonstrate knowledge and skill attainment.

5. The needed tools and resources to develop these skills in the content area.

6. Academic language for the unit of study, including key vocabulary, form, and function.

7. Potential use of technology to support assessment, in the form of engagement and addressing student needs.

Part 2 Middle paragraphs please place in this order 1. No less than 250 Words Explain Grade level and content area, Breakdown of the grade scale,

Types of assessments 2. 200-300 words Explain When and how assessments will be administered,Your philosophy of evaluating progress and Practices to accommodate diversity

3. No less than 250 words Explain Reporting practices, How you will facilitate information to families

4. In 250, summarize the collaborative process with your mentor teacher and reflect upon the importance of gathering assessment data for your future professional practice. Be sure to explain why all student data is important in understanding and assessing student needs.

Part 3: Conclusion

1. In finalizing your assessment plan, include a conclusion that provides a 200 word rationale for the original assessments you created. Discuss how the pre-assessment data would help you to plan for instruction.

2. Discuss the feedback you received from your mentor teacher on your assessment plan. Explain how you used the information from the class profile you created and describe how the assessments are aligned to the objectives and differentiated for the population of students represented in the class profile. Discuss how you could provide feedback to your students based on the assessment data you would get if you executed this plan.

3. Indicate the professional collaboration needed to ensure the delivery of an effective learning experience, based on the unit plan.

4. Submit your class profile, introduction, three formative assessments, one summative assessment, and conclusion to your instructor as one deliverable.

Cite and reference 3-4 scholarly articles. Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

An abstract is not required.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions