Teaching Psychomotor Skills

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Psychomotor skills are acquired manually and involve material and kinesthetic modes of learning. Nursing education encourages acquisition of skills due to their importance in the nursing career. The psychomotor skills that I am qualified to teach include handling intramuscular injections as well as checking blood pressures. Achieving competency in key psychomotor skills in nursing is vital for safe nursing practice. Good training and commitment are required for excellent training outcome. Much time need to be invested in acquiring these skills by nursing students. Constant practice of psychomotor skills facilitates the learning process (Gaberson, Oermann & Shellenbarger, 2015, p. 27).

In order to facilitate effective learning process of these skills, I would partner with a person from learning resource center. Since development of psychomotor expertise involves more than technical adeptness, it would be necessary for me to collaborate with a person with similar expertise. My adapted partner would assist me in breaking the skill down into small segments and demonstrating each section in an orderly sequence. When it’s the turn for the learners to demonstrate the skill, my partner from the learning resource center would assist me in examining the students’ actions. My partner would also assist me in identifying students who are lagging in the learning process. Having a partner from the resource center would be strategic as he would source simulation labs to conduct the training for greater learning experience (cited in Gaberson, Oermann & Shellenbarger, 2015).

To evaluate the learning outcomes of the students, I would use skill demonstrations where each student will be required to demonstrate the required psychomotor skill. I would also use simulated settings where students would be required to exercise various skills in simulated circumstances. These evaluation methods would enable me to learn whether the students have acquired the skills and can use them in real situations (cited in Halstead & Frank, 2011).

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions