Television Advertisements

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Select two television advertisements for the same type of product, but different brands. For example you could choose Persil and Daz washing tablets, or Coca Cola and Pepsi. Both of your chosen brands must use television advertising. Analyse how advertising works for these brands.

Support your arguments with reference to theories and models of how advertising is thought to work at both macro and micro levels, using other examples where appropriate to support and illustrate your argument.

This assignment should be 3,000 +/- 10% words. Please include the word count on the cover of the assignment.

You must submit copies / screen shots of the advertisements within the text of your assignment where relevant – not in the appendix.

The assignment should be presented at A4 size and must be double line spaced. The font size should be 12pt for the body of the assignment.

Student should number the pages and include their enrolment number in the header for every page. Referencing protocol is the Harvard system. Details for this can be found in the Library & on the Portal.

Advice: Look at the feedback for both assignments in order to improve the weaker areas which led to the low mark. Look at the blue bubbles and also the general feedback given within Turnitin.

Also: Remember to adhere to:

  • The presentation requirements for you assignment as stated in the study guide
  • The Harvard Referencing criteria which you can download from Blackboard


A marking guide is provided within the study guide to guide your work.

Developing Brands Through Advertising Content Marking Guide.

The student should produce an assignment that covers the following areas:

A clearly written, well-structured, well presented assignment 10% of the grade.

A detailed description of the advertisements that the student has chosen. This description should clearly identify the elements of the advertisement that are generating meaning for the brand or generating cultural effects 10% of the grade.

A critical analysis of the elements of the frameworks or theories that the student has chosen. This should be more than a description of the theory and it should indicate the arguments in support of the frameworks or theories and the arguments against them. 25% of the grade.

A critical analysis of the advertisements using the theories and frameworks chosen. This analysis should cover the wider meaning generated by the advertisements and not just the “first order” meanings of the advertisements themselves. Thus it should cover the culturally derived meanings. 45% of the grade.

A clear, well argued conclusion drawing the assignment together and reflecting upon the key components that generate the differentiation or the cultural effects. 10% of the grade.

This guide offers the content marking guidelines and should be read in conjunction with the overall guide offering advice on the elements required for each level of attainment on the module.

This marking guide can be found in the study guide.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions