Term Paper: Do Crime Rates Increase When Unemployment Does?

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Term Paper: Do Crime Rates Increase When Unemployment Does?


To write a term report you will pick a topic (or a question) in the economics of crime. Must use a scholarly article! 

For example, what are the effects of gun violence on student performance at school, are

longer prison sentences helping to prevent crime, do crime rates increase when

unemployment does, etc. Writing the term report will require finding an academic article

on the topic of your choice (an article that was not discussed during class); summarizing

the research question, methodology and results of the article; reflecting on why you find

this article interesting and useful, explaining how this article applies theory or

methodology you learned in this class. More detailed rules about the term report and how

to choose an article will be specified later during the semester. The report should be 2.5-4

pages long (Times New Roman 12 point font, single space, left and write margins equal

to 1 inch).

The term report is due on Thursday, April 6th at 11:30 pm. Late submissions will not be

accepted (will receive a grade of zero).






Do crime rates increase when unemployment does?

Ellis, Hyacinthe. Identifying crime correlates in a developing society: A study of socio-economic and socio-demographic contributions to crime in Jamaica, 1950-1984. Lang, 1991.


Increased rate of unemployment among the youth and women significantly raise the cases of criminal activities and violence, particularly in Jamaica. This is a study carried out by the Jamaica Constabulary Force`s Research, Planning and Legal Services Branch. The 2014 study revealed that persons aged 15 to 24 years account for about 19.5 percent of the entire population of the Jamaica. The aim and objective of this study were to uncover the relevant policy to be implemented to tackle the menace of crimes and violence among the youth. Most importantly the study aimed to determine the most vulnerable population in terms of committing violence. The reports from the study would be adopted by the policymakers in the republic of Jamaica to design policies suitable for taming and reducing violence as well as unemployment.


The study adopted cross-sectional study designs. Secondary data was used in making an analysis. The data was retrieved from the relevant ministers of labor and other relevant courts information. In s


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