The Adoption of New Technologies: Understanding Hollywood Conversion to Color

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From the article, Hollywood was slow in embracing color in their films. Color technology experienced a vast growth beginning early 1950’s. However, Hollywood was slow to embrace this technology in their movies basically due consumer tastes at that moment. In the 1950’s, color film did not have large audience following and hence increased production and distribution expenses associated with new technological niche would not have been surfaced. Statistical data gathered from mid 1940s to mid 1950s from 393 theaters in 26 cities showed constrained revenue for color films as compared to non-colored ones. Weekly revenue for color films at the time was 10% lower than the contemporary weekly revenue earned by non-color movies at the time (Gil & Lampe, 2012).

According to Gil & Lampe (2012), financial constraints owing to adoption of color movies by Hollywood in the 1950s led to reduction in their production. The revenue generated was much lower as compared to that generated by black and white pictures at the time. This was the main limiting factor to Hollywood’s adoption of color movies at the onset of color film technology. Eastman Color came in handy to arrest the situation by lowering production costs attracted by shooting color films in late 1950s. Although invention of color movies was a technological breakthrough in the film industry, it was not received well by the industry. The film industry is consumer driven hence the success of every invention needs to attract mass following from the audience. The article indicates slow response of the audience to color films hence slowing its adoption by main production studios at the time.

The article successfully provides valuable information relating to sluggish adoption of color in Hollywood. The article provides valid evidence to the acclaimed information through critically analyzing…”

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions