The Human Condition

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The Human Condition


A review on “the human condition” by hannah arendt 

an explanation of the contents of the book, complemented by critical comments on the subject of the book, the author’s thesis, and the way the author addresses the topic. 

You are also encouraged to provide concise but thorough information on the author and context of the book. 

You have to provide a critical analysis of the topic at issue. This means that you have to reflect and comment critically on the subject you examine, and you have to give your evaluation of the theories, facts and interpretations taken into account. 

In a few words, your review cannot be merely descriptive, but must present an original assessment of the book you examine. Your comments must be supported by both personal reflections and adequate knowledge of the topic of the book: for this reason, additional research is useful to better understand the meaning of the book. 

The essay has to be written in a unified way, ordering the paragraphs properly. Your introduction has to be original, not too wide, not too short, and ought to lead smoothly to the thesis, which must be clearly stated.

The introduction should briefly present the subject of the book, the context and motivations of authorship, and your view of the book, which you will then clarify in the essay. 

You have two options: 1, you may explain the contents and main thesis of the book and then comment on the book in general, namely on its thesis, main points and arguments; 2, you may deal with particular points and arguments in the book and comment on them in the respective sections of the review. 

Your conclusion has to provide either a summary of your analysis, highlighting its main points, or offer a deeper insight into the issue you have discussed. The style you employ has to be clear, straightforward, inspired and reflective of the enthusiasm you are expected to have put into your writing. Your language should be free of grammar and syntax errors, and your word choice should be well thought out and precise. You should avoid long and complex sentences.


The Human Condition Name: Institution: Introduction Written by one of the world renowned social theorists and philosopher, Hannah Arendt, The Human Condition was first published in the year 1958 with the second edition coming much later in the year 1998. She also has some two other pieces that are regarded highly in the literary world namely The Origin of Totalitarianism, which delves into the aspects of the terrors of the Nazis and Stalinism. The other piece is called On Revolution, which deliberates on political science and history with an isocratic viewpoint. The Human Condition is a book that has some very striking and insightful views, some of which are at home now than it were when the book was published in the 50s. Drawing on the knowledge of the political systems and critical reading of the works that relate to Marxism and Kant, she published on of the most authentic works, revealing the human conditions in their social settings. The book brings out the human condition related to the quest for humans to seek immortality through their actions (, 2012). Ideally the intrinsic human behavior forces humans to try and take actions that will ensure they are remembered even after they are dead (d`Entreves, 2006). As such the book gives the full meaning of the political systems ad their actions based on the human nature. Hannah Arendt Born in the year 1906, Hannah Arendt, was one of the most influential social theorists and political philosophers who...


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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions