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Assignment # 1


NOTE- This is the first (of four) hand-in assignments and each assignment will be worth:


12% of your final grade


  1. With reference to Article 1 of Seminar 1, “The Nature of Managerial Work” by Gary Yukl, determine which of one (1) of the seven (7) Activity Patterns in Managerial Work is most important for the organization, if it intends to meet its stated objectives. You must fully provide arguments that support your thesis, along with a thorough review of the counter arguments.


  1. Mini-case: Should I stay or should I go? Owner vs. Leader vs. Manager

You started a chain of used vinyl record/ book stores in 1985. You are now seventy years old and would like to retire (your ownership in the chain offers you the investment capital upon which to retire). The five shops are located in smaller Ontario cities (Kitchener, Kingston, Ottawa, London and St. Catherines). You and your minority partners own the buildings that house your stores (each store is partially owned and managed by the individual that runs each of the specific community stores). During the time that you have owned this chain; the stores have become a focal point for the communities that they serve. Now, you have been approached by an individual that would like to buy all five stores (and buildings), but, this person will not divulge (tell you) what they intend to do with the buildings.


The alternatives that you may choose from are:


  1. Sell your interest, as well as, force your minority partners, to sell to the mysterious buyer,
  2. Offer to sell your majority interest to your minority partners,
  3. Maintain the current operations, but turn management over to someone, other than your minority partners, whom you trust as a manager.


Discuss the arguments for, and against, each of the three alternatives and determine which alternative best meets your desire to leave a legacy?


Each of the four assignments that you will hand in during the semester must be answered without any reference to any internet sources, your classmates’ work, previous students’ work or any other materials (except the seminar notes). If any assignment is determined to be plagiarized, then, the assignment will be graded as 0%. Your assignments are graded upon your ability to reason, make coherent arguments and produce thorough analysis, given the assigned questions.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions