The Nightingale Project Case Study - Risk and Communication Management Planning

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About the Assignment: The Nightingale Project Case Study:

ASSIGNMENT TOPIC: Risk and Communication Management Planning

Referencing Style: “APA” 

To Complete this assignment, please read the attached “Nightingale Case Study” provided in PDF, and Develop a Risk Management Plan for the Nightingale Case Study on the identified risks. 

Your risk management plan should include:

1. A risk register, 
2. Probability and Impact Matrix and 
3. Response Strategies for all identified risks. 

I have provided the templates for your convenience. 

The written portion of your risk management plan should consist of 400–600 words. The rest are templates derived from the Case Study. You can use the templates provided or use your own as long as they are a true reflection of what is required. The written word portion is used to justify your decisions on the identified risks.
Planning for risk management involves determining how to approach, plan and execute the various activities required for managing project risks. 

Because new risks may be introduced at any point in the project management life cycle, risk management is a continuous process. It begins at the project-planning phase and continues throughout the project-execution phase.

In Addition to Reading the Case Study These are the resources you will Need to Use so as the Templates provided. 

Please read the prescribed reading materials: 

(PMBOK Guide®) (5th ed. Sections 11.1 through to 11.5

Heldman, K. (2013). PMP Project Management Professional Exam Study Guide (7th ed.) Chapter 6, ‘Risk Planning’ (Read from ‘Quantifying Risk’ to ‘Summary’)

Burke, R. (2013). Project Management Techniques (2nd ed.). US: Burke Publishing. “Chapter 25, ‘Project Risk Management”

Risk Management Guide Journal as well as Templates: I spoke to Customer service who advised me to upload the files through another link as these files where more than 25 megabytes and I have done so, please check with customer service for uploaded files. 

There are video links provided at the bottom of this page, all the book chapters identified above have been attached in Microsoft Word Format.

Templates Provided are from: 
Snyder, C. S. (2013). A project manager’s book of forms: A companion to the PMBOK guide (2nd ed.). Indianapolis, IN: Wiley.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions