The purpose of the program or project.

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Nursing Leadership


In this assignment, you will select a program, quality improvement initiative, or other project from your place of employment. Assume you are presenting this program to the board for approval of funding. Write an executive summary (850-1,000 words) to present to the board, from which they will make their decision to fund your program or project. The summary should include: 1) The purpose of the program or project. 2) The target population or audience. 3) The benefits of the program or project 4) The cost or budget justification. 5) The basis upon which the program or project will be evaluated. Prepare this assignment according to the APA guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center. An abstract is not required. Executive Summary Topic: (healthcare) Please use a physician in the triage area of the emergency department as the topic of the proposal.

Nursing LeadershipStudent:Professor:Course title:Date:Topic of proposal: Using a physician in the triage area of the Emergency Department (ED)Purpose of the program: the purpose of the program is to use a physician in the triage area of the ED in order to give patients fast access to a physician, reduce ED waiting times, decrease walk-outs and improve satisfaction of the patients. In less than 10 minutes of arriving, patients would feel like they are actually receiving the attention as well as care that they deserve. The program would ensure that individuals who have serious injuries and illnesses get quick treatment within the triage area of the ED, whilst people who have less severe problems are treated and then released (Wykes, 2013). The program has 4 main components: swift registration; triage process; follow-up registration; and operation time. Swift registration – patients who arrive would sign in by giving essential details including their major complaint, social security number and their name to the emergency department registrar. Triage process – the triage area within the ED has 3 rooms and comprises a nurse and a physician. The nurse will carry out standard triage inside 1 room. The patient will then move to a second room from where he/she would be attended to by a doctor. The physician would decide whether or not any tests are needed and if urgent care is required (Slovis & Jones, 2010). Care will then be offered in the following ways: (i) if urgent care is needed – the person would be moved to a treatment room and would be treated by an ED physician. Some of the cases that would require urgent care are serious respiratory complications and stroke. (ii) Non-urgent conditions and diagnostic tests needed – the physician will order the relevant test as well as pa...

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