The Role of technology in teacher education and developement

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Questions for evaluating Ross’s demo policy briefing paper

  • How does the introduction help ‘set the scene’ for what will follow?
  • Why might a graph be particularly helpful in the intro?
    • Why has Ross chosen to use data from the NHS and Ofcom in this graph?
    • What definition is offered in the introduction? Why is this a good place for a definition of a less-familiar/specialist term?
    • What do you notice about the citation ‘Match (2017)’? (Hint: look in the reference list at the type of source).
      • What might be problematic about this source and how does Ross tackle this issue in this piece?
      • Find as many examples of ‘signposting language’ in this piece as you can.
        • How does signposting language help to direct the reader’s attention and keep them following the arguments?
        • Where has Ross used direct quotations from his sources?
          • Why did he do this, and why didn’t he use more direct quotations?
          • A specific example: why has Ross chosen to quote directly as follows in the intro: ‘problem into a solution’ (Silverstone and Teatum, 2014, p37).
          • Why do some of the citations for quotes have page numbers and some have a note saying ‘online’?
          • How has Ross formatted the names of projects and trademarked names of particular software/equipment (i.e. ‘proper nouns’)?
          • Find examples of contrasting arguments or evidence
            • How does Ross flag these to the reader? Again, think about signposting language.
            • What does Ross try to do with the sentence beginning ‘Given pupil preference for private text/email communications…’?
            • What basic information does Ross provide on each piece of research he reviews here?
              • Why is it important to do this?
              • What does ‘ibid.’ mean? How is it used here?
              • Why is Figure 2 a useful addition to the piece?
              • What do you notice about the way the two figures have been included? (three things to pick up)
              • Why does Ross use sub-headings in the discussion section? (think about the needs of policy-makers).

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions