The Theme of “Fortune in Boccaccio`s Decameron

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The Theme of “Fortune in Boccaccio`s Decameron


Prompt from Italian Civilization Instructor:
Step #1: Read Sprezzatura Chapter 17 about “Boccaccio and the Development of Western Literary Realism” from pages 120 through page 128.
Step #2: Read the Lecture notes attachment about the Decameron by Pier Paolo Pasolini
Step #3: Watch the Youtube video of “The Decameron” by Piero Paolo Pasolini. 
(Make sure to click on CC for English subtitles). 
Watch only the Andreuccio from Perugia (from mins. 3:36- 21:19) and then Watch “Ser Cepperello” (from mins 43:50-54:29)
Copy and Paste the following lik to watch the video:
Step #4: Read the Boccaccio PPT” PowerPoint attachment about Giovanni Boccaccio.
Step #5: Read the “9.15 Plague” Powerpoint attachment.
Step #6: Read the “Fortune Intelligence Decameron” PowerPoint Attachment. 
Step #7: Read the "Fortuna" Word Document Attachment.
Step #8: Read the PDF attachment called “Boccaccio Dec Day 4 Intro” which is about Andreccio da Perugia.
Step #9: Now for the actual assignment I want you to examine and explain the theme of “fortune in Boccaccio`s Decameron”, especially in connection to the story about Andreuccio da Perugia. You may also choose to discuss the representation of fortune in the clips from Piero Paolo Pasolini`s film.
Notes from me the student to EssayZoo writer:
I have uploaded the Sprezzatura Chapter 17 as screenshots in a Microsoft Word Document attachment. 
The Lecture Notes were uploaded as a Microsoft Document attachments.
I also uploaded the PowerPoint Attachments for the required sections.
Lastly I uploaded the PDF file attachment for the required reading.
This assignment must be in Times New Roman Font Size 12 with 1 inch margins all around. 
Thank you for your time with this assignment I really appreciated.


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The Theme of “Fortune in Boccaccio`s Decameron


Boccaccio Decameron gives a narration of the story of the seven women and three men who lived in a country villa in 1358 for ten days following their escape from the plague of Florence. These people as narrated in the story decided that they would alternate asking the rule to choose their activities, with one of these activities being storytelling. The dominant theme that resonates with this work provides a reflection of the individual`s vie


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