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Instructions for Assignment Task


This assignment is based on Exercise 1.1 from the Study Book.


The traffic in the study book should be interpreted as duplex, i.e. the same traffic is to be transported in both directions. The links are also duplex. A simple and effective way to model a duplex link is as a pair of simplex links that are constrained to have the same capacity in each direction. This is how duplex links are actually implemented in the NetML system, so, just make sure the links are duplex in Netml.


Example 1.1, with the duplex traffic indicated in the Study Book, is available as Example1_1 in the NetML repository. This is therefore the network which you should start with when answering this assignment. The traffic in Example1_1 is given in Mbits/sec, and the links should be dimensioned in Mbits/sec also. The link module size should be 5 Mbits/sec. Use the Routing, Traffic and Loss tool to choose the capacities of the links.


The task is to choose different links than the network currently has, to produce a cheaper network. The nodes and the traffic must be the same.




  1. A well-structured and formatted assignment document has been provided, including headers and footers (including page numbers, the student name, course title, and the date), title page, and sections with section headings.
  2. An alternative design has been found and correctly analysed to work out its cost. It is presented in diagramatic form, showing the capacities of the links, in number of modules (nmodules), as the label of each link.
  3. The cost of the new design is lower than the cost of the original network.
  4. An explanation has been given for why this design is the cheapest possible.


Assignment Submission


Please submit your assignment in the form of a PDF file, before the submission date.

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions