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Appealing paper for English class and Writing class

Hi I need a perfect paper that I am trying to appeal for my grades in English class and writing class. Just want to tell that writing class I couldn`t get a grade because i did not speak that much in writing workshop. It was a poetry class which i did all the works but little bit weak but then professor told me that I am getting better as days go but she told me she could not give me a credit because I do not speak that much in class. Then what is this? a speaking class? and for english class I just need an perfect reasons why i should get the grade even I am international student. I know how to speak and english. I just need two topics that combines into 6 pages that could be a perfect paper that faculties could understand my situation and could move their feelings.. you know? I`m begging you guys...please I need grades for my classes...i have only father and he is very ill and i don`t want to make him sad.... I need this paper to change my college sophomore year life..
APPEAL TO ENGLISH CLASSName:Course:Date:APPEAL TO ENGLISH CLASSI being a second year student in the English and writing classes would like to write my appeal to the department in relation to my grades. It is true that am not a native speaker of English being a foreign student. Therefore, I have not fully adapted to the local setting. This may have contributed to my poor performance in class and even in the assignment. Therefore, my writing to the English department is to seek understanding and support during my course (Bae, 2006). I am sure that this would change the situation as well as my performance in class and on my assignments and tests as well. I am aware of my poor performance and am really working hard and looking for all possible means of improving my grades. Therefore, my consideration by the faculty would be highly appreciated.Being an international student in an English class have been challenging to me. As you know the perception of foreign students by the local students is somehow different. Therefore interaction with the rest of the class becomes quite difficult. This in one way or the other has affected my performance both in class participation, assignments and tests. As the professor was saying my participation in classes is not that good. My participation and contributions during the class discussions is minimal to the point of professor noting. However, this is not because I am less concerned. It does not mean that I am not interested in the English class. No. My heart is much willing and that is why I enrolled for this course in the first place. It is the way the class members at times make me feel. In some cases I have felt like am a strange and pout of place. Not many students want to associate with me. Though in class they may seem to be quite friendly, this is not the case always. This has affected my grades to a larger extent. However, I am determined and dedicated to improve the grades. I promise to participate in class discussions irrespective of how I feel about other students and how they feel and treat me. The performance during the poetry class is poor and it has made my professor refuse to award me grades. This is because in the class I have not done much of oral participation. I talk less during class participation. As I had mentioned earlier, my English is not as fluent as that of a native English speaker. Therefore, it becomes embarrassing for me to participate in class. This is because other students may go making fun of me. Honestly I did not know that this would affect my final grade. This I learnt from the professor. Since I learnt that my grades would be affect i have made efforts to seek assistance from other students and professors as well. I have gone further to improve on my English. This has made me be in a position to communicate and even participate in class discussions unlike before.It has not been easy to adapt into the system of the university...

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100% Plagiarism Free & Custom Written - Tailored to Your Instructions