TLH 314 International Hospitality Management

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Learning outcomes.

Upon successful completion of this module students will be able to: Knowledge

1. The impact of globalization on strategic hospitality management.

2. Traditional and contemporary approaches to management in the hospitality industries. Skills

3. Critically evaluate contemporary issues in hospitality management.

4. Communicate their ideas in written form.

International Hospitality Management will cover many aspects of the hospitality industries. The focus will be on contemporary issues and as such the exact content will vary from year to year. However, topics to be included are, the impacts of globalization, strategic hospitality management, change management in the hospitality industries, international marketing and branding, global trend analysis, the impact of IT, food and the hospitality industries.

Background information IHG is one of the world’s leading hotel companies and their principal purpose is to provide real hospitality for everyone by recognising and respecting people and creating great guest experiences. IHG offers hotel brands that are aimed at the wider audience and are loved by millions of guests worldwide. Through their global reach IHG ensures that their services delivery also extends to their people, the environment and local communities all around the world. In the current increasingly competitive market, IHG is well placed to accelerate the growth of their core business, as well as maximise returns on new initiatives such as the addition of new brands to the portfolio, maintaining the expansion programme of Crowne Plaza Hotels in China and new locations within developing economies to include Kuala Lumpur, Bali, Chendu and the EMEAA region.

A: Using the InterContinental Hotels Group conduct a SWOT analysis of the hospitality group (maximum 2 pages)

B: Select one of the emerging markets, which you feel is right for the InterContinental Hotels Group to seek an entry into that market and ultimately to seek medium and long-term market growth. Conduct a (maximum 2 pages) PESTEL analysis of the emerging market you have selected. All the PESTEL factors you have chosen, must have a direct or indirect relevance to the hospitality industry both on a national and international level and the InterContinental Hotels Group in A above.

C: Using Porters Generic Strategies, Ansoffs matrix and Nykiel’s fourteen hotel strategic growth options, Examine the strategic growth options that the InterContinental Hotels Group would be best to pursue within your selected emerging market, and justify how those strategies/strategy are going to help the hotel maintain market growth and long term market share.   

□ Introduction □ Background on Hospitality Industry (and tourism)

□ Background of IHG □ SWOT analysis of IHG □ Background to Emerging markets

□ PESTEL analysis of selected emerging market □ Hotel strategy to be adopted and to be implemented (using strategic model and frameworks) within the entering market

□ Justification of chosen strategy □ Practical application of chosen strategy – 5 and 10 years ahead.

□ Conclusion

□ References

□ Appendices


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